Wordless Wednesday

Right after I posted “Surviving Kindergarten” yesterday, I found this schedule floating around Facebook.


“LACK OF SLEEP” were the very first words Evan’s teacher spoke during the “Parent Info Night” we attended yesterday.  Our babies work so hard learning, they need their rest!


Since it’s Wordless Wednesday, it’s picture time – our Summer!

These two had the biggest thrill digging up potatoes we grew in our garden. It was like a treasure hunt searching for the buried gold. Everyone needs to add “planting potatoes” to their bucket list – it was that fun!

IMG_3870 IMG_3871

The original Chick-fil-A in Georgia.


Seabrook Island



Father’s Day at The Sanctuary on Kiawah Island. I still dream about that grass.


And because I’m a FIVE year old boy.




Happy Wordless Wednesday!


Surviving Kindergarten

I think we are finally getting a grip on this whole kindergarten thing – the first two weeks were a little intense for us! The first day of school was no problem for Evan, it was the reality check he received when we told him he had to do it again for the next four days straight and then for the next 12 years of his life. He was coming home from school super whiny, overly emotional, and extremely irritable – my sweet and loving little boy was no longer being sweet and I didn’t know where this angel of mine went.  After talking with other moms about this, they reassured me it was completely normal and it will soon pass. Tim and I learned that these behavioral challenges were stemming from him not getting enough sleep. Putting Evan to bed at 7:30 every night (even though it’s still light out) has brought me my old child back <3. Moms, if you haven’t experienced kindergarten yet, just remember this tidbit of advice. I promise, it will save your life!

Overall, Evan is doing great at his school. He is attending a school of the arts where his special areas include: music, dance, theatre, physical education, and art. Tim and I are super excited about this new chapter in his life. Evan is an amazing kid who will do amazing things!

And here is a picture of my other amazing son at 27 weeks gestation. My best friend and I never made it to the Biltmore House for my maternity shoot; Big Girl right here had to move up the date because I was quickly outgrowing my dress 😦

Notice the extra chin I grew?

Or my jello arms?

I also have thighs that touch and jiggle.

knight-final sunflower

We decided that this sunflower field would be the next best location for complementing my dress. I’m pretty sure all sunflowers had smily faces and were singing and dancing to me.

My new name is Tinkerbell.

Thank you as always to my BFF at Sully + Willis Photography. I ❤ you!


Oh, how can we forget this hot mess child of mine you snuck up behind me and decided I needed a hair cut. Snip, snip, snip. Waaahhhh!