Star Power

Here’s what I’ve been crocheting for baby boy – a star afghan. I’m in love with this pattern! It’s fairly simple and goes by rather quickly. You can stop whenever you want, all depending on your desired size.


Needle size: F/3.75MM

SC = single crochet

DC = double crochet

Chain 4


Slip stitch in the beginning chain to form a ring. Chain 3.


19 DC into the ring. Slip stitch to the top of the beginning chain 3 (20 stitches total).


Chain 1. SC in the same slip stitch. *Skip one stitch, (3 DC, Ch 3, 3 DC) into the next stitch. Skip one stitch, SC into the next. Repeat from * all the way around. 5 points total.


Slip stitch in this stitch to close the star.  It will be the space next to the SC.

IMG_4316 IMG_4317

Slip stitch in next stitch. Chain 3.


1 DC. ( 3 DC, Ch 3, 3 DC) in chain 3 gap space (point). 2DC.


Skip over the SC space. 2DC. (3DC, Ch 3, 3DC) in chain 3 gap space (point).


Continue this sequence all the way around. Slip stitch at the beginning of chain 3 to close.

IMG_4323 IMG_4325

Remember, you can stop at any time. If you continue, you will follow this from here on out.

Chain 3. DC in each stitch before you reach the point. (3DC, Ch 3, 3DC) in point. Continue with DC’s in each stitch, remembering to skip over the original SC space.

IMG_4326 IMG_4327

This pattern is so versatile. Small stars would be great for coasters or pot holders. I’m currently in the works making more garland for my Christmas tree 🙂



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