Summer is in Full Swing

From the first official day of summer break kick-off, our days and weeks have been flying by – with loads of fun at every turn.

Summer break has only begun and we have a jammed-pack, full-steam-ahead itinerary. It’s going to be grand, but I really could use some assistance from my brain. It’s no joke what pregnancy (and children) can do to your memory and thought processes. Just as I typed that last sentence, I suddenly remembered how I was supposed to drop Tim’s dry cleaning off today so it could be ready on Monday. Oops, sorry, Babe! 

I also cannot wrap my head around the fact that I am 6 months pregnant. I have done the math over and over in my head and it still doesn’t seem right to me. I know it’s pretty simple arithmetic, but it’s still not sinking in. Being six months pregnant only means I’ve got three more months to go I do know every Thursday I turn a new week and this past Thursday I turned 24 weeks…I like to count week by week.  So all this became a revelation to me today when this little old lady asked my how many months along I was. After giving her the longest blank stare in history, I finally replied, “well, I guess 6 months”.  At that moment in time, that was probably the hardest math problem I’ve ever successfully completed. It’s a fact that I’m going to continue my week by week counting, because that will give me 16 more weeks to go. And I like that number a whole lot better than 3!

Here’s me at 18 weeks, picture courtesy of Sully + Willis Photography


Me at 21 weeks, picture courtesy of Evan


And here I am again. This time at 24 weeks – picture courtesy of my mom, Vicki. She took a quick little snapshot before our adventure to Charles Towne Landing with the kids. FYI: wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to walk approximately 3 miles if visiting this historic site. My feet were a sad, sad, sight upon our arrival home yesterday.


So, yeah. It’s amazing what a maxi dress does for me. Far less conversations get started with strangers when I wear a maxi. My worried husband reminds me daily to rest my legs and prop them up. And he’ll finish his lecture by telling me how his biggest fear right now is that he’ll come home from work one day and I’ll be an amputee. My husband is just so very loving and thoughtful that way

So I really need my brain to start functioning properly again. Here soon, we are headed to the beautiful island of Seabrook for one week. Immediately following that we’ll hop over to Atlanta – where we plan to visit the Atlanta Zoo and catch a Braves game. Then my BFF and I are headed to The Biltmore Estate for my maternity shoot. And after all that excitement, I’m finishing Summer off and going to my happy place in my Happie Camper.

93daf504-2c26-4894-914c-72375a937265.1.10 360f762d_original

How cute is that kitchen?!

Oh my, I better go. I was too busy focusing on this kitchen and not on my own. I’m pretty sure I just burnt supper! Sorry, Babe! Sorry, kids!


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