Reese’s Big Three

Well, my baby is official THREE…waaaaaaaaaah!

When my babies turn three, it’s always emotional for me. Mainly, because they are no longer babies…they’re not even toddlers anymore…waaaaaaaaaaah!

My last time kissing my two-year old daughter:


And here was my last time kissing my two-year old son…circa 2011:


My babies’ birthdays are so bittersweet. Their new milestones, discoveries, accomplishments and their new-found independence to do things on their own is pure sweetness. However, I’m no longer able to rock them to sleep, smother them with my kisses and inhale deeply on the top of their heads and smell the scent of “baby”…those are the moments that are no longer and the ones I will cherish forever.

I choose not to take any of our numbered days presumptively; I’m forever thankful for my husband who works hard for us so I can stay home and raise our babies. I am blessed.


Now the Minnie Mouse party:

Cupcakes for everyone!


Ree’s big birthday cupcake


Party favor cookies



Piñatas are a blast; our new party must have. The big kids are blindfolded and spun repeatedly until dizzy.


And every kid’s favorite part – opening presents!


Thank you to everyone who made her birthday special!


Look at this sweet baby! He’s getting bigger and is no longer able to rack back…ha!

He had his big anatomy scan on Thursday (so far so good) and will be having another one. Sweet baby was happy in there and didn’t want to roll over and show us his spine. By the time this pregnancy is over, he’s going to have a 100 page book of ultrasound pictures. I guess he just likes his picture taken (or wants us to reach our insurance’s max out-of-pocket). Either way, he’s worth it!



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