In Summer!!!

Olaf isn’t the only one excited about summer quickly approaching. School will dismiss for summer break in less than 6 weeks and I’m doing my best now to prepare these kids for what’s going to be a long and hot one.

My kids have recently fell in love with bowling and I was thrilled to find this amazing deal offered by our local bowling alley in Moncks Corner: any children under the age of 15 can bowl free over the summer beginning April 27th and ending September 14th.  And for a one time fee of $28, you can purchase a pass for yourself and four others. Umm…yes, please. A total no-brainer. Now Tim, the grandparents and I get to bowl along with the kids all summer long for under 28 bucks!

The bowling alley is a great place for indoor fun, but when we want to soak up the sun, we head to our local water park(s). Every year we purchase the Super Splash Pass that allows us access to all three Charleston County water parks. We always have a blast and it’s a great way to burn off all their extra built-up energy. There’s an added bonus too: you get to work on your tan!

Super Splash Pass: $89.99

Super Splash Pass + 1 Guest: $179.98

Super Splash Pass + 2 Guests: $269.97

Hope to see lots of friends there! I’ll be the large Beluga whale beached in Otter Bay.


This has been my last year having Evan home with me before he starts kindergarten in the fall. I just want all of us to have the most possible fun and make this a summer Evan will never forget. Honestly, it’s for me, not him. Come August, I’m not going to know what to do without him!


This weekend my Reese Eleanor turns THREE! Can you guess what type of party she picked? Here’s a sneak peek of her birthday outfit my aunt and I made.




Minnie Mouse! The party planner/decorator in me is just thrilled. This is a huge relief from last year when she chose Diego; a total decorating challenge. Only my daughter would choose Diego for her 2nd birthday. But what my baby wants, my baby gets!

I have to peace-out now; I still have lots of work to do to get ready for this party.


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