Catch Up

Our life took a whirlwind of a ride in these past 45 days, all in a good way {you’ll see}. But first, I still want to share with y’all what Evan and Reese passed out on Valentine’s Day.

Man oh man, this picture of Evan has his daddy’s face all over it. I’m pretty sure it’s the “no teeth smile”.

evan-card final

 And here’s our free spirit. The little girl who marches to the beat of her own drum.


My friend Sarah, over at Sully + Willis Photography, photographed and designed the cards for me. I then headed over to Staples and printed them off on heavy card stock (which was super cheap, like $1.25 per page). Since each page held nine photo cards, I was able to walk out of there paying $5.00 + tax for everything.

Next, I let the kids pick out their own candy to attach to the photo cards. I simply used a hole puncher and ribbon for assembly.  Evan chose Blow Pops and Reese chose Smarties.

IMG_3356 IMG_3369

These were so manageable and completely effortless. The biggest highlight being that I didn’t have to sit with Evan and help him address all of these to each of his individual classmates {the store bought types have a “To” and “From” section on each card}. Definitely doing these again next year when Evan is in kindergarten and will have 25+ students in his class.

Since we still had a whole bag of Smarties left over, I found this sweet and simple idea on Pinterest to make as gifts for Evan’s teachers.

IMG_3352Well, since Valentine’s Day was over a month ago, hopefully this gives you plenty of enough time to plan for next year 🙂


Now, my whirlwind. I have to preface this by letting you know I embarked on a journey in the beginning of January. It wasn’t like the journey Cheryl Strayed took in her book/movie “Wild“. I didn’t need to “find myself”, because I already knew Jesus found me a long time ago. However, it was a journey of fasting, one in which to grow my spiritual relationship with my Savior {and because I needed a whole lot of prayers answered from Him}. Plus, it was a new year for my family and I wanted it to be better than it was the year before.  I also knew lots of big decisions were going to have to be made this year {i.e., selling our home} and I wanted to know 100% that it was God’s will and not our own desires. After a prayer here and there, the Lord quickly told me to fast my biggest fleshly addiction: sugar. I have the biggest sweet tooth imaginable, so big and tasty that it got me a fast pass to the dentist chair last year for a root canal. I guess it was a pretty easy decision for Him to choose sugar. 

I began my fast and at the same time, we also went forth with listing our home on the real estate market with a realtor. The fast came with many temptations, which were all defeated with continuous prayers. It took my eyes off the many things of this world, and inevitably, my focus turned to Him. Many times I needed Him hourly, praying for strength, because the simple sound of a Coca-Cola popping open and seeing the fizz bubble up would instantly make my knees buckle and quickly give in.

To make this long story short and sweet, my fast lasted 25 days and it was an unbelievable experience. I’m beyond thankful I kept on trekking through and I now have a renewed reliance upon God.  In less than 30 days we received a full price offer on our home {with a quick closing date}.  The buyers never came back for a second showing and wrote us an offer only an hour after their first showing time. To God be the glory!

Many other prayers were also answered, and along the way, He poured a blessing on us.


The blessing is the baby, not Dana Perino, only because we don’t get to keep her.  Dana Perino was the 27th White House Press Secretary and served under President George W. Bush’s administration from 2007-2009. She is currently a political commentator for Fox News and also serves as co-host for the network’s show “The Five”.  She is an extraordinary woman with a list of outstanding achievements. She was a complete sweetheart for doing this with us! Be sure to watch her on Fox News, and at only 5 feet tall she packs a powerful punch. I just love her. Oh, and she just bought a home right here in Charleston!

Last, but not least, our newest addition.


Please continue to keep baby and I in your prayers. Early on in my pregnancy, I developed a subchorionic hematoma.  Because of my large clot and excessive bleeding, I was instantly put on bed rest. Moving became a struggle for me, mostly because I was useless. The combination of morning sickness + first trimester fatigue + bed rest = one worthless Jennifer. I couldn’t stand it, but it made me completely humbled and thankful for my family who came over and helped Tim. I truly do have the best family!


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