Star Gazing

I just wanted to stop in real quick and share this crochet pattern with y’all. I’ve been using it to make my star ornaments and my star garland.




Hook size: F

Yarn weight: 4

dc = double crochet

hdc = half double crochet

tr = sometimes called treble crochet or triple crochet

Chain 5


 Slip stitch in the beginning of chain 1 to form a ring.


Chain 3. 14 dc into ring. Slip stitch in top of chain 3 to form a circle.

*Chain 5. 1 sc in second chain from hook, 1 hdc in next chain, 1 dc in next chain, 1 tr in next chain. Skip 2dc and slip stitch in next dc.*


Repeat from * to * (asterisk to asterisk) four more times. End with a slip stitch at the base of the first point.

Fasten off if you want to make a single star. For the garland, you will need to chain 30 (or any amount to obtain desired length) and repeat from step 1.

The single stars are great for making ornaments. I attached mine to some Christmas ribbon and then looped them around a gift bag.


I think they add some festive pizazz to the presents. They also make great gifts for teachers, coworkers, secretaries, etc.

I better peace out, I’ve already gone star crazy. My tree has been decorated with star garland and now every present under my tree has a star attached.


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