Birthday Boy

My big boy Evan officially turned the Big 5 today. Man, did those five years fly by.

He went from a brown-haired baby…
evan b-day 157

quickly to a curly blonde…{age 1}


then to a toddler with a full head of thick, coarse blonde hair.


By his third birthday his hair started darkening up…


and it got even darker by his fourth birthday (which also clearly indicates how I forgot to give him a haircut). Whoopsy!


 Now, here he is with dirty blonde hair and a fresh trim.

View More: and I love this boy dearly and he is truly a special gift from God.

We spent this past Friday and Saturday celebrating his birthday with a campout in our backyard.

{keep reading to see my chalkboard secret}


The menu consisted of “campfire flames” (cheese puffs), trail mix, a cheese platter, and some grub (Chick-Fil-A) nuggets and pigs-in-a-blanket). For dessert we had “bear poo” (homemade chocolate donut balls) and cupcakes.

My birthday boy was having so much fun that I hardly got any pictures of him {read: it’s hard playing party host and photographer}. After he opened his presents, I was able to quickly snatch him up for a quick picture.

Frosty, our piñata choice, didn’t stand a chance. He was instantly decapitated.  I kept waiting for “A Funniest Home Video” moment with the bat, but sadly, it didn’t happen. IMG_2772

The party was an absolute blast! Evan, and his friends actually slept in the tent (Tim too) while Reese and I settled for the king size bed.


Here’s my chalkboard secret I want to leave y’all with. I’m no calligraphist or artist so here’s the secret to drawing perfect letters on a chalkboard.

Using a computer, go to a Word document and choose your font preference for the wording you wish to create.  Once you’ve created it, print it.


Flip it over and rub the backside with chalk.


Next, using tape, hang your print out on a chalkboard.


Using a pencil, firmly trace your letters. Once you’re done tracing, remove the paper.


Lastly, using a chalk pen, go back and outline the letters.

IMG_2728There you go. It’s that easy! This little trick takes your chalkboard drawings to whole new level. There are so many different possibilities you can create; I’m thinking a Bible verse or an inspirational quote in a fancy font would make great Christmas gifts.


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