Birthday Fun

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We surely did, but now it is Monday and two out of our family of four woke up sick. Tim can’t move out of bed and Evan is green with nausea. He doesn’t move an inch without his pot to puke in. Boo, for Monday mornings!

Yesterday, my hunk of a husband turned 33 years old.


Tim, my dad, and little brother, Seth, spent the weekend hiking in North Carolina, primitive style.  Tim’s and my dad’s birthdays are only 6 days apart, so they decided hiking in the back hills of North Carolina with only a back pack and the necessary essentials for three days would be a great way to celebrate turning 33 and 58 years old, respectively. Those party animals. No wonder why Tim can’t move out of bed this morning; too much fun hurts!

They arrived back home Sunday evening and we welcomed them with a big birthday feast which included: lasagna, salad, bread, and birthday cake.  Their famished tummies appreciated it, and so did my satiated one.

They came back h0me with the aroma of wilderness and the scent of their natural pheromones in overdrive. Regardless of their odor, somehow men have the ability to still look good after three days with no shower, well at least my Lovebug does. The picture above proves it. However, you can thank me its not a scratch and sniff.

Happy Monday everyone!


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