Life’s a Beach, Dude


I’m about to blow up this post with nothing but photos.

KnightFinalEdit43I am one lucky lady

KnightFinalEdit37That sweet contagious laugh of his


KnightFinalEdit38Double trouble

KnightFinalEdit15His daddy’s eyes

KnightFinalEdit36“Please let me hold you like this forever”

KnightFinalEdit31“Please don’t ever turn 13”

KnightFinalEdit7My heart is full

I’m usually not one for “beachy” family photos.  It’s the combination of sand and water within a .005 mile radius that sends my anxiety level into overdrive.  Not to mention way too many uncontrollable variables for my liking.

For example:

1) How am I ever going to keep Evan out of the water?

2) How am I going to keep Tim from sweating profusely?

3) How am I going to keep my hair from frizzing up like a chia pet?

4) How am I going to keep Tim’s hair from frizzing up and looking like Buzz from Home Alone?


Is that Biff? And why must he always hold my belly like I’m pregnant?

Needless to say, my BFF photographer is the best! The art of taking incredible pictures comes natural to her. That is huge! There are so many “photographers” out there that charge outrageous fees (in my opinion) for their services, but are missing the fundamentals.  Not only does she understand lighting and how it corresponds with her camera, she also relates so well with her clients.  Go check out more of her work on her Facebook page, “Sully and Willis Photography”!

I’m going to leave you with a few more of her photos she took of my baby girl. My male child wanted nothing to do with posing in a field of sunflowers.  I don’t get it.




I’m still having dreams about this sunflower field.


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