Hermit Crab Hookup, Anyone?

My dear sweet, tender-hearted, pet loving Evan has been wanting his first pet for a while now. As a preface, Tim and I have been pet free ever since Evan was about 9 months old. We had to give my sidekick pet chihuahua, Barbie, away to a good home because he kept snapping (in the face) at Evan. He became very jealous of all the attention Evan was getting. Barbie was a one woman pup.

Shortly after, we noticed anytime Evan was near a hairy animal, this would happen:



This picture was taken an hour after his Benadryl dose.  His poor eye was swollen shut before!

On to the allergist we went where Evan was administered another allergy test and it was determined that he was highly reactive to dog, cat, and grass.

My baby just cannot accept the fact that he is allergic to these pets.  His sweet soul prays every night, “Dear God, please make me not allergic to dogs anymore.”  It’s heart wrenching to hear it. Bless him!

Tim and I finally agreed on a pet and it’s the…wait for it, Coenobita clypeatus, the land hermit crab. Of which Evan is not allergic to.




So, believe it or not, we take them in the backyard to play, because that is what you do with your pets. We got each of them one, Reese named hers Sebastian and Evan named his Spiderman. Reese’s is really shy (opposite of her personality) and lives like a hermit kept secluded in its shell.  Evan’s is very outgoing (opposite of his personality) and loves to climb and crawl everywhere. Spiderman is always coming out of his shell to say hello to us.

I don’t like their current housing setup we have for them. Their home is way too small. They came in one of those simple, tiny carriers, and it’s just not ideal for two hermit crabs.  The pet store does sell hermit crab cages but I still think they are too small. I need ideas, so if you are a hermit crab enthusiast, please share!


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