Life’s a Beach, Dude


I’m about to blow up this post with nothing but photos.

KnightFinalEdit43I am one lucky lady

KnightFinalEdit37That sweet contagious laugh of his


KnightFinalEdit38Double trouble

KnightFinalEdit15His daddy’s eyes

KnightFinalEdit36“Please let me hold you like this forever”

KnightFinalEdit31“Please don’t ever turn 13”

KnightFinalEdit7My heart is full

I’m usually not one for “beachy” family photos.  It’s the combination of sand and water within a .005 mile radius that sends my anxiety level into overdrive.  Not to mention way too many uncontrollable variables for my liking.

For example:

1) How am I ever going to keep Evan out of the water?

2) How am I going to keep Tim from sweating profusely?

3) How am I going to keep my hair from frizzing up like a chia pet?

4) How am I going to keep Tim’s hair from frizzing up and looking like Buzz from Home Alone?


Is that Biff? And why must he always hold my belly like I’m pregnant?

Needless to say, my BFF photographer is the best! The art of taking incredible pictures comes natural to her. That is huge! There are so many “photographers” out there that charge outrageous fees (in my opinion) for their services, but are missing the fundamentals.  Not only does she understand lighting and how it corresponds with her camera, she also relates so well with her clients.  Go check out more of her work on her Facebook page, “Sully and Willis Photography”!

I’m going to leave you with a few more of her photos she took of my baby girl. My male child wanted nothing to do with posing in a field of sunflowers.  I don’t get it.




I’m still having dreams about this sunflower field.


Hermit Crab Hookup, Anyone?

My dear sweet, tender-hearted, pet loving Evan has been wanting his first pet for a while now. As a preface, Tim and I have been pet free ever since Evan was about 9 months old. We had to give my sidekick pet chihuahua, Barbie, away to a good home because he kept snapping (in the face) at Evan. He became very jealous of all the attention Evan was getting. Barbie was a one woman pup.

Shortly after, we noticed anytime Evan was near a hairy animal, this would happen:



This picture was taken an hour after his Benadryl dose.  His poor eye was swollen shut before!

On to the allergist we went where Evan was administered another allergy test and it was determined that he was highly reactive to dog, cat, and grass.

My baby just cannot accept the fact that he is allergic to these pets.  His sweet soul prays every night, “Dear God, please make me not allergic to dogs anymore.”  It’s heart wrenching to hear it. Bless him!

Tim and I finally agreed on a pet and it’s the…wait for it, Coenobita clypeatus, the land hermit crab. Of which Evan is not allergic to.




So, believe it or not, we take them in the backyard to play, because that is what you do with your pets. We got each of them one, Reese named hers Sebastian and Evan named his Spiderman. Reese’s is really shy (opposite of her personality) and lives like a hermit kept secluded in its shell.  Evan’s is very outgoing (opposite of his personality) and loves to climb and crawl everywhere. Spiderman is always coming out of his shell to say hello to us.

I don’t like their current housing setup we have for them. Their home is way too small. They came in one of those simple, tiny carriers, and it’s just not ideal for two hermit crabs.  The pet store does sell hermit crab cages but I still think they are too small. I need ideas, so if you are a hermit crab enthusiast, please share!

My Dear Sweet Blog, Oh How I’ve Missed You

“Hello, I love you won’t you tell me your name?

“Hello, I love you let me jump in your game!”

-thanks Jim Morrison

I feel like I should reintroduce myself after my two-year hiatus from blogging.

I’m Jennifer! I’m married to my best friend, Tim. I have two beautiful children: Evan Carver {4} and Reese Eleanor { 2}.


It was a much-needed hiatus, but all in all, I missed blogging. I miss you, whomever you may be. And it makes this girl happy to know that followers were still checking back in too! So, thank you, even if you are a stage 5 stalker!

Life got kinda crazy after Reese was born. I always had the best of intentions on returning, but “life” was happening and my attention was forced elsewhere. Along with ‘life” happening, I felt my blog and I were continuously being attacked.  If I didn’t post photos of certain people, I was being “mean”.  “Jiminy Crickets” I would say. “Go start your own blog and deal with your own self insecurities on your own page.” Just to clarify, I said that to myself and to Tim only.  To seem and appear nice, I succumbed and posted random pictures of these individuals in order to “keep the peace”. I apologize if you ever noticed or wondered why.

Also, I’ve got to give a shout-out to a few Columbia attorneys who found my blog (you know who you are). Let me explain: I recently found out that my little itty bitty blog was being scrutinized by an attorney. I was always so worried that criminals who had the privilege of meeting “Lovebug” would come in contact with this site and gain insight on our family, I never suspected an attorney to act so juvenile. {Read: Not a rant on all attorneys, there are many that we consider close friends} Our top priority has and always will be our family’s safety. So, while I was worried about criminals this whole time, it never dawned on me about their attorneys.

Aint nobody got time for that…

I think I can officially say I may be back for a while to blog.  I’m no longer worried about other people’s self insecurities. That’s not my job, that’s what their husbands and therapists are for. And for the attorney(s) who browse this blog late at night (I like to imagine them sitting alone in a dark, musty room clothed only in their monogrammed tighty-whities with their hairy belly hanging over their stretched elastic waistband, eating an extra-mayo tomato sandwich, all the while the mayo is dripping all over their thick sausage fingers and wireless keypad), stay tuned and buckle up.  It’s going to be a fun ride!