Easter 2012

My word! Was Easter already a week ago? These past few weeks have all seem to flown together and as you can tell, I’m still a week behind.

That smile on Evan’s face in the picture above is one of the many reasons why I just love Easter.  The children’s faces are absolutely priceless! Of course, all the hype of the Easter bunny will make any little one excited, but Lovebug and I wanted to make sure Evan knew the real reason why we celebrate Easter. Evan did so well telling us that “Jesus got nails in hands and feet and died. Then he woke up and lives in Heaven.”  We were so proud of him. I really do love this age. Yes, he is two and we do have many “terrible two” moments but on the flipside, it is truly amazing at how fast they learn and absorb everything around them. And for me, that pretty much outweighs some of his not so good moments. 

Every Easter after church we join Lovebug’s immediate and extended  family for a big feast and egg hunt. The kids just love it!

In case you need a pregnancy update, I’m still currently pregnant! And my cervix is still completely closed…SHOCKER!  Luckily, by this time next week Baby Girl will be here! As of yesterday, my total weight gain has been 44 pounds. I’m quite pleased with that number myself considering the fact I was 15 more pounds heavier at this stage with Evan. My wonderful doctor thinks she will weigh somewhere in the 9 pound range when born. I guess we shall see in T minus 7 days!

My friend had her baby boy last week and I crocheted her baby a pair of these shoes.


After about five shoes later, I finally had a left one and a right one that were similar in size. I told my friend hopefully her baby boy will have one foot slightly bigger than the other. Thankfully, she also crochets and understands and appreciates the craftsmanship that goes into making them. The pattern itself isn’t all that complicated. My issue came when counting. On patterns like these, you have to keep count. One number off can throw the entire  pattern off. And as for me right now, I’m lucky if I can count to ten without getting distracted!


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