The Countdown is On!

Does any one other than me feel like they’re always “a day late and a dollar short”? Actually, right now, I fall more into the category of ” a month late” instead of “a day late”. I feel like I have a whole list of chores that need to get accomplished. And of course, the progress is not happening fast enough.  Realistically, I am slowly but surely getting there on my extensive “to-do” list. It’s just a little hard to accept sometimes given the simple fact there once was a time I wasn’t “a day late”.  Lovebug continues to remind me that our circumstances are a little different now. He explains that I’m a little slower and a lot more sluggish right now due to my physical state and that we do have a very active two-year old that demands our attention ALL the time.  In the end, I can not let my anxiety and pregnancy hormones get the best of me. For the record, I am aware that they are in full force right now.  As long as we have our ” list” and goal(s) in mind, I must realize that OUR life is full of adventures and we must learn to take each day one at a time.

Okay. With all that being said, last Saturday (the 10th), my wonderful family and friends hosted a baby shower for me at my mother-in-law’s home. It truly was a blessing. I was not planning on having a shower at all considering this is baby #2, but my loving family decided it was a must since this one is a girl.

{32.5 weeks}

I love my boys!

The three amigos!

{Emma, Bennett, Evan}

{Evan’s cousins on Lovebug’s side}

{Me and my sissy, Sara}

{Please excuse my double chins, I do realize now that they are starting to resemble Jessica Simpson’s}

{My niece-in-law Brittany and my niece Miranda}

{My beautiful friend, Nancy, and her mother, also named Nancy}

{Nancy is also pregnant with her second child (a boy) and is due 11 days before me}

I decided to share only these photos of my photogenic friends because in many of the other pictures, I appeared as if I was going to eat them. This is when I had an epiphany. Please take note. The other night I got a good chuckle when I watched Jessica Simpson on the Jay Leno show. I giggled seeing how big she was and how many chins she embraced. Well, unbeknownst to me, it wasn’t until after viewing these photos, I shouldn’t have been laughing. Big girl here has no room to talk!  Although, I am excited to see how big her baby girl weighs in at compared to my baby girl.

Progress is happening on the home front. I am feeling a little more relief when it comes to finishing Evan’s big boy room. Here are a few updated glimpses.

{The bedding}

{I have my extremely talented Aunt Cindy to thank for making the pillows}

{Lovebug’s childhood rocking chair}

{The dresser we repainted}

I’m still lacking a great deal of accessories and wall decor for his room, but it is a work-in-progress. It does make it a little difficult when you take on the challenge of redecorating two rooms at once. Baby Girl’s room is about 75% completed, so stay tuned and I’ll be sure to post pictures soon. Hopefully.


4 thoughts on “The Countdown is On!

  1. You look great and I can’t wait to see pics of baby girl’s room!! Is it hard to change the sheets on Evan’s bed? Someone gave us a twin bed where the mattress sits down in it like that and it just occurred to me looking at your pictures that it must be a pain to change the sheets b/c you have to take the whole mattress out! Let me know if you have any tips 🙂

    • Lindsey,
      It can be a real pain when it comes to changing the sheets or even making the bed. Originally, we had Evan’s bed pushed up against the wall (so he wouldnt roll off) but we recently pulled it out because it was too difficult to make the bed and/or change the sheets. Now, it is much easier that the bed isnt against the wall. Congrats on the baby boy! So happy for yall!

  2. LOVE his bedroom!! The boat bed and monogrammed things are too cute! You are so cute pregnant so don’t be so hard on yourself!! Praying for you and that everything works out! God will find a way!

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