When reading the title of this post, please say it aloud like Joey Lawrence would during his infamous television days on the hit show “Blossom”. Hopefully, it will all make sense by the time you reach the end.  Plus, I just want to hear you say it!

Last week, we were fortunate enough to schedule an appointment to see Baby Girl in 3-D again. She’s come a long way since we saw her last at 14 weeks! So below are some pictures of my beautiful baby girl!

It’s crazy how much she resembles Evan when we saw him at 27 weeks. I’m fairly confident people will definitely be able to tell that they are siblings. She is even positioned the same way he was, “frank breach”. The last picture details it best. She is breach (head up) and folded in half (frank). Basically, her toes are touching her forehead.  Also, there is no doubt that she is a Knight (not that I had any doubt who my baby daddy was). Those plump, chunky, round cheeks are all Knight related!

We are currently in the process of redecorating the bedrooms. Evan is moving out of the crib and into the other bedroom where he will be sleeping in his BIG BOY bed.

The boat bed is from Pottery Barn Kids and it was my little brother’s. It has recently become quite convenient having a little brother 21 years younger than you. The timing was perfect. Seth is moving up to bunk beds, Evan is moving into the boat bed and baby girl will eventually be in the crib.  I did manage to buy all his bedding but I don’t want to show it off yet. Monogramming must be completed first. Still on my agenda for his room is a trip the fabric store for window treatment. And lastly, we still have to paint his dresser. The dresser was mine when I was younger and with a good coat of paint and new handles, it should match perfectly in his room.

During the midst of all my decorating, I wound up getting that vile stomach bug that everyone seems to have acquired. It was heinous. So bad, that I started having contractions! I will interject here that these said contractions did no harm to Baby Girl. If you are unfamiliar with my first pregnancy, contractions are something new for me. While pregnant with Evan, I went the whole time without experiencing a single one. Nor did I ever dilate. I’m telling you, that kid would have stayed inside me until his 15th birthday.

During my projectile vomiting episode, I apparently popped some blood vessels in my eyes. My eyes are now blood-shot red and I currently look like I’m wired up on an illegal narcotic. I planned on being festive for St. Valentine’s Day, but blood-shot eyes were not quite the look I was going for.  So this is what I’m looking like from the neck down!

Just when I thought I was feeling somewhat better.  I get a phone call.

My go-go car (as Evan calls it) was involved in a collision on Super Bowl Sunday. My dad was driving my car and was stopped at a red light when someone plowed into the back of him. The driver at fault did not even brake. He hit my dad causing him to be pushed into another vehicle. All I can remember is falling to my knees and thanking the Lord for my dad’s safety. I was also incredibly thankful that none of the boys were in the car.

So now the search begins for a new vehicle. Evan already made his request and said he doesn’t want another white go-go car and that he now wants a pink go-go car. This kid! His favorite color right now is pink and everything must be pink! Everything! He will grow out of this, won’t he?


3 thoughts on “WHOA!

  1. your belly looks so cute! and i’m so glad no one was hurt in the accident. can’t wait to see your new pink ride 🙂 Also, I’m really interested to see how your dresser turns out. We have one just like that that I want to repaint, but I’m dreading sanding/painting it b/c of all the molding detail and stuff.

  2. So glad that Uncle Jimmy was ok and that the lil boys were not in the car! oh my it sure was distroyed!! Love Evan’s bed! you are so crafty! i need to get some experience from you! Good luck in your car searching! i loved my honda but now even more love my jeep! rides great! love ya, and let me know if you need any help!!

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