St. Valentines 2012

I just finished with Evan’s valentines and thought I should share. We made “Hershey Kiss” rings out of chenille stems.

Each ring requires two chenille stems and one Hershey Kiss. First, place the Kiss in the middle of two crossed chenille stems.

Raise the stems up and around the Kiss.

Now twist the stems around allowing the Kiss to remain in place.

Next, form a ring.

Once I completed my rings, I made tags using Cricut and attached with a bow.

I used a total of three different sayings on the tags: “a sweet ring for you”, “you are a real gem”, and “a ring for a king”. I figured these were suitable for Evan’s Sunday School class, since their ages are only two and three. I’m sure the kiddies will pay absolutely no attention to my sweet messages on the tag, but I thought they looked more cute and completed when added. At first, I was a little worried that the rings might not be suitable for the boys in his class, but I quickly changed my mind when I saw how Evan seemed to love them. Honestly, I really don’t think it matters for his age group.  All they are concerned about is the Kiss!

On a different note, I’ve been in nesting mode. I’ve been crocheting like a crazy old hen and I’m currently fixated on making these dish rags.

I love the bright spring colors and these rags make washing dishes a little more exciting! I decided to use the yarn brand “Sugar n’ Cream” for the rags. It is a higher quality yarn and is durable enough for getting the job done! And these make great gifts too!


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