A Crafty Kind of Weekend

Every year around this time I get this hankering to be crafty, or at least try my best to be somewhat creative. My first project came to mind when I visited my parent’s home and observed their über decorated Christmas tree. Ever since my siblings and I were little, my mother always decorated our family Christmas tree with ornaments we hand-made. We never had what I would call a “fancy” tree.  You know the type, the ones with all matching colored balls, lights and store-bought ornaments. Yes, our tree was beautiful, but beautiful because it was filled with memories. Anyone can buy a “fancy” tree, but not everyone can have one with such history and love.

So, our first project this weekend was a very simple craft, creating hand-made tree ornaments, which involved a little elf named Evan. All we needed was cardstock ( I chose red and green) and children’s washable paint (I chose white). 

This is a great project for little ones and Evan absolutely loved it!

You might have to make extras because not all will come out with a perfect little hand print. We had to make several more, but I guess it also depends on your little artist. Out of the 18 we made, 12 were worthy of gift giving.

After they dried completely, I headed to Staples and had them laminated. Lamination costs for all 12 hands was right at $12.00. Please note: before you rush off to the office store to laminate, remember to write your child’s name and the year / their age on the back or front. We forgot and had to write over laminate, which didn’t look too bad. Evan then assisted in cutting the ornaments from the laminate sheets, hence the not-so-round edges.

We finished them off with a little hole punch and hung with ribbon. Viola! I think these make the perfect gift for your little one(s) to give to their grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Project #2 does not involve your child.  Well, at least not mine. This craft is possibly more suitable for older girls and their moms.

What you will need: glass ornaments, acrylic paint, paint utensils and ribbon. A.C. Moore has the ornaments on sale right now…a pack of four for $3.99.  A.C. Moore also has the acrylic paint on sale for .59 cents each. 

First I “cricuted” the recipient’s first initial of their last name. If you do not have a Cricut machine, you can always paint on the initial or chose not to have one at all. These type ornaments are also fillable, which could be filled with glitter, feathers, beads etc.

I bought a pack of paint brushes for $3.99 and it came with 25 different brushes and these two gismos…perfect for polka dots!

After I placed the initial on, I dotted my ornament with lime green and red. I finished it off with silver ribbon.

If you’re needing a little gift for someone special, try these. Evan made one for each of his Sunday School teachers. Also, if you have a sports fan on your gift list, you could always decorate their ornament in their favorite team colors.

Quickly changing the topic, Evan went to his asthma / allergy physician last week and tested negative for being allergic to eggs. This is very exciting news for us! Our doctor originally told us that most children will outgrow this allergy and it appears, at least for now, that Evan has too. We will be visiting him again in January, where I will be bringing scrambled eggs in my purse. Even though Evan’s skin didn’t react to the test, the doctor still wants to challenge him by eating the eggs in his presence, mainly focusing on his respiratory function. So until January, no eggs!  Also, while visiting the allergist, Evan received his flu shot. And he had no negative reaction (flu shots contain egg)! Now let’s just keep our fingers crossed and pray that he doesn’t get the flu! I cannot repeat that stage in my life again!

Evan also had his two-year checkup this week. His stats are as follows:

Length: 38 1/2 inches

Weight: 35 lbs  10 ozs

Head: 21 inches

I thought for sure at this visit he would be “on” the growth chart…but I was wrong. He is still “off” the chart (above) in all three categories. Since Evan was born, I’ve always enjoyed comparing his stats with his father’s (primarily to see what I’ll be up against in the next 18 years). At Lovebug’s two-year checkup, he weighed 40 lbs and was 37 1/2 inches tall. I can’t stop chuckling at that. Lovebug was an inch shorter but almost 5 lbs heavier than Evan! Apparently, somebody was a little husky two year old!

Now moving on to the baby who lives inside me. On Monday, I had my 20 week ultrasound scan and baby girl weighed in at 15 ounces. But, most importantly, the scan showed a healthy baby. All we can do is continue to pray everyday that our Lord watches over and keeps his protective hands on our children.

And me: I gained 5 lbs last month, for a total weight gain so far of 17 lbs.

And on that note, this is what I’m looking like. Full of varicose veins. Just lovely!


2 thoughts on “A Crafty Kind of Weekend

  1. I made those same ornaments with my sunday school girls. Except we put metallic paint on the inside and they turned out beautiful. You should stop by and see them Sunday morning. Ashley tried to make a pink one at home and didn’t turn out as good so dark colors are better.

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