Look Whooo’s Turning Two!

Time has been moving right along for us! Our Thanksgiving was filled with adventure as we headed to Charlotte NC. We stayed at The Great Wolf Lodge, and in a nutshell, it was awesome! The Great Wolf Lodge is a huge resort and is known for its massive indoor water park (which stays a warm 84 degrees). There are so many things to do inside the lodge that you actually never have to leave the premises. At first, we were a little hesitate about bringing Evan because we weren’t quite sure if he was old enough to enjoy it all. Well, after about 2.5 seconds of being there, we knew we would be in trouble come time to leave. This was Evan’s first road trip and he did so well. And I, apparently have already lost my mind because I forgot to pack the camera and wasn’t able to capture these candid moments.

Overall, we had a very thankful Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is perhaps my favorite holiday. It’s always spent with family and friends around a big feast enjoying each others company. No wrapping, no presents, and no gift giving to one another…the only giving is of thanks to the Lord. 

This past weekend we celebrated Evan’s 2nd birthday.

First Step: Invitations and matching Thank You’s.

I contacted Kottage on 5th and had the talented owner design our invitations and matching thank you cards. We used her last year and continue to be very pleased with her work. Go check her out!

We decided to use the Saul Alexander Park , a local park in Summerville, for Evan’s birthday location. All town parks in Summerville are on a “first come first serve basis” when it comes to reserving one for a party, so I knew it was imperative to have the party early in the day so we were guaranteed to have it. We decided to start the party at 11:00 am and we were there at 10:00 am to set up. The Saul Alexander Park is where both my parents and Tim’s took us to play when we were young, and now we get to take Evan there!

Second Step: Begin Cricuting!

And here’s where I almost lost my religion and sanity with Cricut. It started when I found an owl design on my Wild Card cartridge and decided to make these party favors with it. The time consuming part was making the owls. The designs were completed by attaching a goodie bag.

Third Step: The cake

I was quite pleased with the cake we ordered. We got it from Publix and paid $27.98. I’m very proud of that price considering I paid doubled that for his cake last year. How come kids can always manage to stick their little fingers in the icing before it’s time to eat?

I decided to keep the food and beverages simple. We ordered Little Ceasar’s pizza and chugged it down with sodas, water and Capri Suns. FYI: All town parks do allow you to bring a grill, but you must visit Town Hall for a grill permit if you wish to grill out. Grill permits are free. We discussed doing this, but decided with pizza.

And here are a few pictures of the birthday party in action.

And this is when you know you have a tired baby! Special thanks to all our friends and family who helped make this a spectacular day for our 2-year-old little boy! 


2 thoughts on “Look Whooo’s Turning Two!

  1. Oh wow!! I am the decorator who made your cake! ! Googled Summerville Publix and my cake popped up on Google images! I am glad you liked it. Your blog entry just totally made my day! Thanks!!

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