Pardon Me

Please excuse my recent absent-mindedness, my sluggishness, my irritability and my (I’m really not admitting this) possible case of excessive gas.  Unfortunately, I don’t see it getting any better in the near future. I will apologize now if you have to be around me. With that being said, Evan would like to share something with you… 

He’s not completely thrilled about the news, but we’re praying he will change his mind. Recently, I’ve been asking him some questions and these are his answers.

“Evan, do you want a baby brother?”


“Evan, do you want a baby sister?”


“Evan, do you want to go to Disney World?”


As you can see, all his answers are “no”. Pretty much that is his answer to any and everything you ask him. So, we don’t take it too personal about his feelings towards baby #2.  He is such a little booger! And I love my little booger!

I know I’m still only in the beginning stages, but its been a tough couple of weeks for me physically. I’ve always heard other moms say that the morning sickness is more intense with the second child, and whoa, were they right. I still get nervous about making this announcement because to me, it’s still too early. I’m sure with any woman who has experienced a miscarriage or struggled with infertility, there will always be a slight hesitation. Thankfully, I have a husband who has an incredible faith and reminds me daily that we serve a merciful God.

Even though this pregnancy came as a complete surprise to us, we are more than thrilled to be part of this blessing!  In the next nine months, if you ever think you might need a self-esteem boost, continue to stay tuned and watch me gain an insurmountable amount of weight. Trust me, you will feel better about yourself after one look at me.  The non-stop eating has already begun!


4 thoughts on “Pardon Me

  1. woooohoooooo!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! so so so happy for you. hope your sickness gets better soon. i know how much that sucks. Evan will be a great big brother!!

  2. Congrats!!!!!! I am soooooo happy for you and the family!!!! Sorry to hear about the morning sickness. I had it really bad too, with both children.

  3. I’m so happy for you and Tim. I’ve been hoping to hear this news for a while now. You guys are great parents and the new addition will be blessed to be a part of your family. Love you guys.

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