A New Territory

On the 8th, Evan turned 20 months old! {I’m only a couple of days behind}

Entering into this new and unchartered territory where his age {by months} begins with a 2 scares me, for various reasons! 

It forces me to admit that my baby isn’t a baby anymore.  It’s one more step closer to 24 months and thus, another birthday. His looks are changing and he is looking more mature.  Just look at him. I’m tearing up talking about it.

I seems like yesterday we were in the hospital patiently awaiting for Evan’s arrival. Now, here he is on his way to New York accepting his future Heisman Trophy award.

Although it saddens me that he is growing up, it also makes me a proud mama to see his accomplishments. He is saying new words every week; it’s unreal how fast his vocabulary is growing.  He is such a fast learner and remembers everything you tell him. Well, almost everything. For instance, I’ve begun teaching him colors and now for some reason he believes everything is the color blue. I’ve now come to the conclusion that Evan either doesn’t quite understand the whole color concept system yet or he might be color blind. I’ve done my research on color blindness and12-20% of white males are born with some variation of color blindness. Do you think I worry too much?? Do you think it’s too soon to administer the Ishihara test??

And lastly, Evan is becoming more and more comfortable in his own skin.

Sometimes a little too comfy.

Oh, how I love this baby so!


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