Catch Up

Good Wednesday Greetings!

All is well on the Knight home front! 

Time has flown by and I can’t believe it has already been two weeks since Lovebug’s hand surgery.  Let me first back up and give you a debriefing on the surgery. For the most part, everything was smooth sailing. The total surgery time involved was 3 hours, and they were 3 very long hours I might add. His surgeon, Dr. Santiago, was very diligent in making sure his bones were set properly.  During our initial visit with Dr. Santiago {the day after the accident}, he forewarned us of the possibility that Lovebug’s fingers might begin to overlap/cross {as this is caused by the bones beginning to heal themselves, which is why surgery was imperative to have, as soon as possible}.  Well, sure enough, Lovebug’s fingers started crossing and thus, caused extra surgery time.


And now fast forward to yesterday when we went for his 2 week follow-up appointment. The doctor removed the cast and this was our first glimpse of the incision. I’m just glad his fingers are straight!

After a quick x-ray {which looked great} the doctor put Lovebug back in a hard cast. And guess who was super excited about signing another cast?


Let me back up even further and inform you what Lovebug has been up to since his accident.  He has had the grand privilege of playing “Daddy Daycare” to Evan!

Here are a few observations I’ve noticed about the new stay at home dad’s routine:

1. When I leave in the morning at 8:30 to go to work, Evan is running around the house in his pajamas . When I come home in the evening at 5:30, Evan is still running around the house in his pajamas.  They never change out of their pajamas.

2. There is precisely 248 dirty dishes in the sink everyday when I come home.  At this point, I’ve come to the conclusion they are having pajama parties while I’m gone.

3. Their new names around the house are “Patches” and “Squirrel”.  Since Lovebug hasn’t had to report to work, he has temporarily boycotted shaving. The only problem being, Lovebug is unable to grow a full beard.  He is like a highschool teenage boy with only patches of facial hair, hence the arrival of his new name. 

Evan’s new name quickly became “Squirrel” when he started making this new face while chasing us around. He squints his eyes, squishes up his nose, and starts moving his mouth like a squirrel eating his nuts. I wish I had a picture to share but he absolutely refused to do it once I broke out my camera. 

No pictures today of Patches and Squirrel. Maybe later.


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