Bail Denied!

Before I get this party started, I must say thanks to everyone for all your sweet prayers, thoughts and phone calls. It’s always a blessing to feel loved!

In case you don’t know or haven’t heard yet, Lovebug was involved in a car chase /shooting / fight while working last Tuesday night. During a physical altercation with one of the suspects, he broke his hand.

Here’s how the phone call I got from him around 8:30 pm that night went:

Him: “Hey babe, what’s going on?”

Me: “Just finished bathing Evan. How’s work going?”

Him: “Oh, good. Well, I’m on the way to the hospital. I’m okay though. I’m pretty sure I broke my hand.”

Me: Well, Actually, I don’t remember what I said at this point.

All I remember was throwing Evan in the back of the car and heading over to my in-laws where I dropped Evan off.  Once I pulled into their driveway, my father-in-law was outside ready and waiting on me. He said he would drive me and I was so very thankful because Lovebug was at Colleton Medical Center in Walterboro and I had no earthly idea how to get there.  I couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw my father-in-law waiting. He had his Nissan Sentra backed in the driveway and ready to roll. When he’s not driving his big diesel-powered Ford truck, he opts for a Nissan Sentra. He’s a man of many disguises!

All in all, Lovebug is doing very well. He is scheduled to have surgery on his hand this Wednesday to set the bones, in which plates and pins will be used. Since two bones were broken, the doctor was unable to set both of them in the office…hence, surgery.

He broke two of his metacarpals. More specifically, the ones circled in red.


I’m just so happy these criminals are behind bars. The Post and Courier article below details their pending charges from Las Vegas, Nevada. I have no words for people like these!

Bail denied for two accused of shooting at Dorchester deputies

By David MacDougall
Bail was denied for two men accused of shooting at Dorchester County sheriff’s deputies during a high-speed pursuit last week.

The chase began about 7 p.m. July 12 when a deputy tried to stop a car for an an unlawful lane change on I-95. The car at first looked as if it were going to stop, but it then sped off, leading deputies on a chase off the interstate and onto S.C. Highway 61.

At one point, one of the two men inside the car popped his head out of the moonroof and began firing at pursuing deputies. A deputy rammed the car, causing it to flip over and the men jumped out and ran into the woods. The two men were eventually captured by police dogs. A deputy broke his hand in the incident, Dorchester County sheriff’s Maj. John Garrison said.

Both men were taken to the Colleton County Medical Center to be checked out, then to the Dorchester County Detention Center, Garrison said.

Deputies found guns in the car, an Acura, which was reported stolen in North Carolina, Garrison said.

Maurio D. Rivers, 34, and Bronson Shelley, both of Morris Street in Charleston, are each charged by the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office with two counts of attempted murder and one count of possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime.

Both also are charged by the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office with failure to stop for a blue light and possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

According to the Las Vegas Metopolitan Police Department, Bronson is also wanted in Nevada for pandering a child, child endangerment, living from the earnings of a prostitute and furnishing transportation to a prostitute.

At a bond hearing Friday, Colleton County Magistrate Keisha D. Gadsden denied bond on the attempted murder charges and set bail at $10,000 each for both men on the weapons charge, a court official said.

Both were being held in the Colleton County Detention Center


July 4th Recap

July 4th weekend was full of fun, fun and more fun! 

Saturday evening consisted of Evan and I {Lovebug had to work} spending time with my family on the water. My parents live in Moncks Corner and the city decided to hold their annual July 4th firework show at Santee Canal Park. There was two different ways to watch the show: by land or by boat. We decided to make the trip by boat since it’s just a short boat ride down the river.

There was one small issue.

My parent’s live on an old rice field {located on the Tail Race}, and depending on the tide, can make it hard to get in and out. It was low tide when we made our voyage so we had to paddle out. Thankfully, my mother married Huck Finn. Huck Finn is also known as my Father.

And Huck Finn Junior helped paddle too. He plays the part really well ever since he lost his two front teeth.

You always know you’re in Moncks Corner when the crowd at a firework show shouts out Troy Landry quotes from the History Channel’s “Swamp People”: “Shoot’em Elizabeth, shoot’em!”

Evan stared intently at the fireworks and was not one bit startled by the all the commotion. I was so proud of him!

On Monday all three of us went back to my parent’s house for more food and more boating. This time, the tide was up and we were able to take the bigger boat out and do some tubing.

I originally had no plans of getting in the water. But unfortunately, when your little brother looks at you with that cheesy grin and says, “Sissy, sissy, pweez get in the tube with me”, I easily gave in. It’s so funny listening to him talk without his two front teeth. Also, the look on his face in the picture below cracks me up.

I hope you know, I pretty much have a black belt in tubing and practically never got wet while riding. One day, I will teach you this fine art young grasshopper.

Seriously, what type of parents allow their 18 month old child to go tubing?

Evan started having his usual ” I’m 18 months old” body convulsions because I was in the tube with Seth and apparently he wanted to be in there too. Evan has absolutely NO FEAR and wants to do everything you are doing.

I still cant’ believe how well he did! He would constantly wave to me in the boat. He just loves his mama so!

If Evan wasn’t riding in the tube he had to be in the captain’s seat. Please excuse my Father’s hairy chest in the background…I”ve had long conversations about it with him and there has been no avail. He still lives in the 70’s and thinks it’s attractive.

I have no clue where the scratches on his head came from…he sorta just wakes up with them.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th!

4th of July Yumminess

Here’s what’s on our dessert menu for Monday.

Blueberry and Cherry Dump cakes {These are two separate dishes. They are the exact same steps except one is made with blueberries and the other one with a can of cherries}.

Each dish calls for:

1 box of Golden Butter cake mix

1 can of cherries or 2 cups of fruit of your choice

1 can of crushed pineapples

1 stick of butter, melted


Mix fruit of your choice with one can of crushed pineapples.


Dump one box of cake mix on top of fruit and smooth out lumps.


Melt one stick of butter and pour over mixture.

Bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes or until golden brown.

Like I mentioned earlier, I made one blueberry dump cake and one cherry dump cake {because I wanted to have patriotic colors}. I love making this recipe because it is literally as easy as 1,2,3. Plus, you can always mix things up and add different fruit…the possibilites are endless!  Also, it is always enough for a big party. This is always my go-to dessert dish for holidays. Enjoy!

Weekly Happenings

These are the highlights and lowlights of mine/our week so far.


  • A customer{male} came into my work wearing sweat pants he decided to make into shorts. He asked me if I could help him, but he obviously didn’t know that I have a severe case of attention deficient disorder and cannot take such people serious. My eyes tended to wander and now my mind is officially scarred! And I’m still having flashbacks!
  • I finally came to terms with reality and went bra shopping. I am officially the smallest I have ever been since pre puberty. I’m telling you this because I would hate for any other moms to think they were the only ones with this problem. There are other moms with this problem, right?


  • Evan got a new big boy backpack. He apparently heard how cool his mom was in middle school with her L.L.Bean bookbag and insisted on one for himself.

Or maybe it was the price of $9.98 plus free shipping? Either way, he likes it!

  • This next statement has nothing to do with me personally, but this couple’s exciting baby news makes me smile from ear to ear.  Jen, from the TLC series “The Little Couple”, is practically my new best friend {well, in my mind she is}.  On Monday night’s episode, Dr. B {Jen’s fertility doctor} was able to retrieve an egg and then fertilize it with Bill’s…umm… you know what.  And now Jen and Bill have a little embryo {no pun intended}! And, I can’t wait to see who they use for their surrogate! Would you think I’m weird if I told you I secretly wanted to be their surrogate? If so, disregard the sentence before this one.
  • In other baby news: Lovebug’s sister, aka my sister-in-law, aka Evan’s aunt, aka Sarah, delivered her baby on Tuesday. This means I have a new baby nephew and it also means Evan has a new little cousin. 

Meet Bennet.

The proud new uncle who hogged baby Bennett.

Bennett weighed in at 9 lbs 5 ozs and was 21 inches long. Congratulations to the proud new parents Sarah and Dustin! We love y’all!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July weekend!