Because I Have a Freezer Full of Berries

I’m always looking for healthy snack ideas for Evan. I’m not sure about you, but sometimes I feel like I’m giving Evan the same snacks over and over again…goldfish, bananas, cereal, crackers etc.  So I was really excited when my neighbor, Amy, told me about these yogurt popsicles.  Plus, they make for a cool treat in this 90 degree weather.

I bought my popsicle trays at Wal-Mart for a little over $2.00. I searched every aisle at Target and could not find them there…so I’m giving all my Target lovers a heads up!

I thought about making homemade yogurt but quickly changed my mind when I saw that it required a heating pad! Instead, I opted for the easy way out and bought plain yogurt.

Place berries/fruit in blender and puree. Once liquified, mix with yogurt in a bowl.


Pour in popsicle trays and freeze.

Any leftovers you have you can place in containers. I had leftovers and ate mine the next morning for breakfast.

Here’s how we eat our popsicles !

And this is how we wash off!

Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!


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