Memorial Day Weekend Recap

It’s over and we had fun!

Lovebug and I headed out of town on Friday to stay with my grandparents in North Carolina. Their home is near the Chimney Rock / Lake Lure area and is conveniently located to numerous attractions. It’s always nice to be able to visit with them and explore!  Saturday morning we woke up early and had plans for rafting the French Broad river. The area where we launched from is only about thirty minutes north of Asheville. We booked our reservations through the Nantahala Outdoor Center and were very pleased overall. If you are interested in white water rafting, go check them out!

For the rafting expedition, I decided to break out my Reefs. I wore these back in the days of my life guarding career. As you can see, the shoes lasted longer than the career.

I am happy to report that we both made it down the river safely. The rapids were class II and III which were perfect for us beginners. The scenery was beyond beautiful and for a moment, it almost made me want to move there. Then that moment quickly left my mind when I remembered how car sick I get driving around the mountains.

Saturday night, we decided to go into downtown Ashville for dinner. After eating we headed over to the Asheville mall. As soon as I opened the grand doors entering the mall, this is what I saw!

I have been living in a state of emergency ever since the Great American Cookie Company closed all three of their locations here in Charleston. 

So in honor of all my peeps who are also missing their GACC cookies, I ordered the M&M double doozie and ate it all by myself!  For two minutes, the whole world was in perfect harmony as I sat here in this vibrating chair and ate my cookie.

And then the chair quit vibrating and Lovebug said, “Please get up, people are staring at you!” My two minutes of world peace were officially over.

I got up and went back up to the counter and started chatting with one of the employees. After a long deliberation with the GACC employee, she informed me that the Charleston stores will be reopening soon!

On Sunday, we woke up and headed to Chimney Rock for more hiking. Our original intentions were to “cheat” and ride the elevator to the “Chimney” and then hike more trails from there. Well, apparently it just wasn’t meant for us to be cheaters…that darn elevator was shut down for renovations! And if anyone has plans to visit Chimney Rock within the next year, be prepared to hike. Ranger Dan told me that it will be shut down until summer of 2012.

This year, I went for the athletic look. It was way too hot for the Bear Grylls look like I wore last year.


I can happily say that none of these people are cheaters.

As we hiked further pass the “Chimney” we saw the “Devil’s head”.


After a bit more hiking, we finally came to the ending point known as “Exclamation Point”.  As a side note, they currently no longer let you hike past this point. Before, you could hike further to what’s called the “upper waterfall”.

Here’s Lovebug at “Exclamation Point” with his typical Olan Mills pose.

Our  hike was so refreshing and invigorating.  After it was all said, done and over with, I was glad the elevator was broke. Nothing is more empowering than looking back up at the mountain and seeing what you accomplished.

Here are a few pictures of my grandfather’s garden. Just thought I should share.

I never knew that asparagus grew like this. No leaves, no bush, no nothing…it just pops out of the ground. I was so excited when there was enough for us to take some back home. I ended up cooking it Tuesday night and I it was crazy good! 

The proud farmer and his garden.

Papa is 81 years old and I think he looks exceptional!


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