Things are Happening

Here. There. Everywhere.

My baby turned 17 months old, my niece turned the big “1”, and my nephew got married. All this happened in one week and that is why I have the weepies. Waaahhhhh….waaahhhhh…waaahhhhh!

Speaking of my baby, here he is.

His new favorite thing is making this cheesy smile.


The photo shoot didn’t last too long and quickly turned into this.

It’s just so hard being 17 months old! As soon as I told him we were done, there wasn’t a tear to be found on his face. I get scammed all the time by this boy!

In other news, our garden is growing!

Please excuse him, but Evan likes to show off his corn.

Here’s how our peas, beans and squash are looking.

Also, please don’t judge me. I do know that I need to hoe. It’s just that I don’t like hoeing, it gets sort of boring after awhile.

Overall, the garden is looking pretty good. I’m just so thankful things are growing. My next mission is to try to find an asparagus plant. My grandfather planted his two years ago and he said they take two years before you can crop them. Well, this is his third year and he finally is able to eat his asparagus…and alot of it he is eating…and I’m jealous.


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