I Think I’m All Set!

I’m so glad good things come to people who wait.  I stopped back in at Old Navy, the N. Charleston location this time, and glory hallelujah what kind of deals I found. Everything on the clearance rack was an additional 50% off the already marked down price!

I bought two of these. One in an aqua color and another one in a plum color for a whopping $3.74 each.

One of these for $4.24. The one I bought is actually gray with multicolored stripes.


Two pairs of these shorts for $8.50 each. These weren’t on clearance, just on sale. Just two days ago they were the full price of $15.00. So if you need running shorts go get them now while they are on sale.


 And last but not least, these sandals for $5.74. Don’t worry, I don’t plan on wearing them when rafting, only when hiking.  

I’m all about bargain shopping and absolutely love a good deal. I think I’m all set now for white water rafting and hiking. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. Peace out!


Recent Randomness

This will most likely be the most random post I have ever written, so hold on and fasten your seat belt.

First off, it’s Tuesday and our air conditioning in our home decided to quit working last night. And it’s 90 degrees outside and 84 degrees inside. No worries, I’m not here to complain. It just makes me more thankful for air conditioning. It makes me realize how spoilt we really are because many people do not have this privilege.

Evan and I escaped out of the house this morning and headed to Tanger Outlets to do some shopping. Lovebug and I are headed back up to North Carolina this weekend to do more hiking and white water rafting so I really needed to find the right attire. If you missed last year’s post of my hiking clothing dilemma please click here.  I decided to switch it up this year because last year we went in October and I was sweating like a dog wearing cargo pants. Also, those darn Timberlands hurt my feet! This year I am going for the cool “don’t I look athletic?” look.  I will note here that I have not worn a sports bra since my high school sports playing days. How come when I tried this top on Lovebug’s first reaction was, “Your boobs were a lot bigger in high school.”?

I found this shelf bra and tank at Old Navy on the clearance rack for $6.65! It’s pretty much a 2 for 1 deal…a sports bra and tank in one. That’s a score in my book! And I didn’t look that bad either.

I don’t know where I’ve been, but I found out that Old Navy has some really trendy looking active wear. The only problem is that all their new active wear was still full price and I do not like paying full price. I decided to hold off and on any other purchases and check with TJ MAXX and Target first.

We finally made it home and Evan was so exhausted and over due for a nap. Once I laid him in his crib he immediately went to sleep. Since it was still 84 degrees in our house, I had to somehow cool his room down with three fans.

Amazingly, when I went to check on him during his nap, he didn’t have one sweat drop on him. Doesn’t my baby look skinny? I think this is the only angle that he does!

As King Tut was upstairs sleeping in his crib I decided to go outside and slave away in the heat and paint.  I have been on the search for a wooden toy box for the longest time.  I’ve literally looked everywhere for one. Well, recently I was over at my parents’ home and there it was just sitting there in their garage. Needless to say, that toy box, wherever and however it got into my parent’s garage, is now mine.


After. Color is Mushroom Bisque from Behr.

The next step is have my aunt make a top pad/cover for it. Here is a picture of the one she made for the hope chest in Evan’s room. 

I think once I get some fabric that compliments my Spinach green walls in the office it will have a more completed look. As for now, it is accomplishing its purpose and storing Evan’s toys.

Once I got the toy box painted I was so happy to hear my door bell ring and see the HVAC man standing there. He fixed our unit up in no time. Oh how much we take things for granted!

Kudos for you if you followed along this far!

Things are Happening

Here. There. Everywhere.

My baby turned 17 months old, my niece turned the big “1”, and my nephew got married. All this happened in one week and that is why I have the weepies. Waaahhhhh….waaahhhhh…waaahhhhh!

Speaking of my baby, here he is.

His new favorite thing is making this cheesy smile.


The photo shoot didn’t last too long and quickly turned into this.

It’s just so hard being 17 months old! As soon as I told him we were done, there wasn’t a tear to be found on his face. I get scammed all the time by this boy!

In other news, our garden is growing!

Please excuse him, but Evan likes to show off his corn.

Here’s how our peas, beans and squash are looking.

Also, please don’t judge me. I do know that I need to hoe. It’s just that I don’t like hoeing, it gets sort of boring after awhile.

Overall, the garden is looking pretty good. I’m just so thankful things are growing. My next mission is to try to find an asparagus plant. My grandfather planted his two years ago and he said they take two years before you can crop them. Well, this is his third year and he finally is able to eat his asparagus…and alot of it he is eating…and I’m jealous.

Hot Dog, Hot Dog…

Hot diggity dog!

Guess who made the Summerville Journal Scene a day after Bin Laden’s death? 


That’s right…Lovebug and Eiko did!

There was a murder yesterday in Summerville so Lovebug and Eiko were called out on a mission: “Operation Track Bad Guy Down”. A mission very similar to the Seal Team Six search for Bin Laden. Well, maybe not that intense.

They tracked the suspect back to his apartment one half mile away. Along the track they recovered the suspect’s rifle he used. As Lovebug and Eiko were approaching the apartment building, the suspect and his mama were exiting the back door where they were met by other officers.

Sorry suspect’s mama, but your baby got caught!