Easter 2011

First off, let me say that I’m extremely thankful that my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, resurrected three days after his death!

Secondly, and sadly, our Easter did not all go according to plan. It all began Friday night when Evan started running a fever. We gave him Motrin that night and thankfully it subsided. My first thought was that it was due to teething. Evan literally has eight teeth coming through…needless to say, it has been pretty rough on him and on me. Evan then woke up Saturday morning with a temperature of 101 again! His fever was so bizarre. When he would go to sleep, his temperature would immediately start to spike. Once he woke up, we would give him Motrin and his temperature would return to normal. It was just so strange, he only ran fever when he slept.

Well of course, Evan had a temperature of 101 when he woke up on Easter morning. I knew right then and there that we were not going to make it to church and I was so upset.

Like I mentioned earlier, Evan’s temperature would slowly return to normal once we gave him medicine. Thankfully, by lunch time his temperature resumed to normal and we decided that he would be ok to meet the family for our annual Easter gathering.

Every Easter, Lovebug’s entire family meets at his grandmother’s house for fellowship, food, and an Easter egg hunt.

There is always an Easter egg thief/bully and this year it was my child. What can I say? Evan knew there was money in them and he knew his mama needed a new pair of shoes! Sorry cousin Gracie.

Some little bunny just kept staring at cousin Nora’s eggs, waiting for the opportunity to pounce and take them. Evan’s first cousin, Emma (on the left), also has edible drumstick legs! Don’t you just want to squeeze them?

Evan again had a temperature of 101 when he woke up Monday morning. We decided it was finally time to take him to his pediatrician (since by this time had been running fever on and off for 4 days) and he told us what I didn’t want to hear…”it’s a virus and it just needs to run its course.”  I, Dr. Jennifer, pretty much already knew that since Evan was literally pooped out. I guess it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

And thank you cousin Hattie with Gracie Layne Photography for always capturing special moments like these.


Pre-Apocalypse Planning

I really wanted to plant a garden this year because one of my favorite things in life are fresh veggies. Lovebug was on board with this idea thanks to two movies,”The Book of Eli” and “The Road”. He has watched these movies over and over again and now has informed me that we need enough food to survive in a post apocalyptic world.  My first response to him: “I can barely keep enough food in this house for a week.”

Since I’m always up for a challenge and like to think optimistic, I headed out on a mission and my first stop was Kohl’s. After finishing there, I went to Home Depot and found these trays that I absolutely love!

The tray comes with 72 pellets…which means room for 72 plants.  First, you add water to the pellets (the left side of the tray in the above picture is before the added water and the right side of the tray is after the water has been added). Once the pellet is filled with water it expands and all you do next is plant your seed.

And after about a week…

And after about 2 weeks…

And after about 3 weeks…

Once my plants got big enough, we decided it was time to plant them.  First step: take pictures of Evan and the tractor.

This is where I should back up and tell you that there is a total of 10 acres available for farming on Lovebug’s family farm. So with this being said, we decided to use it all since we are planning to eat after the Apocalypse.

Here’s the breakdown:

We planted 8 acres of deer corn (actually, this is the guys doing and has nothing to do with my food supply. But if you do need some corn come deer season, I can point you in the right direction).

1 acre of Silver Queen Corn

1 acre of veggies to include the following: squash, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, cantaloupe, watermelon, butter beans, lima beans, okra, peas, green peanuts and red spanish peanuts.

The corn and the peanuts we planted with the tractor and all the other veggies we planted by hand.

Lovebug inspecting his rows.

And after about 2 weeks, voila!

The above picture is primarily the deer corn and Silver Queen corn. My veggies are still hanging in there. Once we planted them in the ground, they started looking a little wimpy. I’m not sure if they are still trying to acclimate to the soil or if they miss my undivided love and nurture they constantly got while in the trays.

After the completion of planting the garden, we decided something was still missing.

So the men began there deep thought process.

And countless hours of staring at the ground passed by.

Finally a decision was made! The big decision included 2 pear trees (Bartlett), 1 apple tree (Golden Delicious), 1 peach tree, 4 blueberry bushes and some strawberry plants. It was a windy day when I took the picture.

Please dont laugh at our blueberry bushes. Well, actually they are really like blueberry twigs. I’m pretty sure we bought ours too soon considering the fact my neighbor just bought hers and they are huge with blueberries already growing on them. They were so little we had to place these trellis around them so Papa wouldn’t run over them with the lawn mower.

Veggies are starting to grow so stay tuned. Next step: learn how to can!

Post H1N1 and Post Surgery

It’s nice to be part of society again. Being trapped inside your house for a week might cause you to do and say unexplainable things.

Evan is back to his normal self again and Lovebug is in a post surgical recovery stage. Do you remember the Seinfeld episode when George Costanza’s dad kept shouting “Serenity now”?  Well, only if you knew how many times I said that this weekend….you would have deep sympathy for me.

After 6 1/2 years of marriage you learn certain things about your spouse. I’ve learned to avoid doing the following with mine:

1. Fly with him (if you want to see a 265 lb man in the fetal position sucking his thumb and singing “Amazing Grace” please feel free to join us on our next flight).

2. Help be his care giver after surgery.

I think I hear him ringing the bell again, I must go now.