What’s It All About?

Over the years I’ve been asked quite often about my husband’s job. And since this blog is titled “Living the Knight Life” I figured I should share more of what Lovebug does since it is a daily part of our lives.

Here are the top 3 questions I get asked:

What exactly does he do?

Don’t you worry about him?

Can I pet the dog?


Lovebug’s title is Corporal over the K-9 unit. He and his K-9 partner, Eiko, spend most of their days looking for drugs and bad guys. It is undeniable that this is his love and passion and that this is definitely his calling. Why you might ask? I’ve been asking God the same thing for almost 9 years and have come to realize I may never know. All I do know is that God has blessed him with an incredible nose so sensitive to smell that it is beyond scary and bizarre all at the same time.  

Just like any other wife, I will always worry about my husband. Since the very beginning of his law enforcement career, God has always given me a great deal of peace about his safety. This is not to say that I enjoy the occasional phone call from my husband that goes something like this:

Him: “Hey babe, whatcha doing?”

Me: “What happened?”

Him: “Oh, nothing much. I have to go to the hospital because ________.

The fill in the blanks usually range from: “I slammed my car into the bad guy’s car during a chase”, “I got in a fight”  to “I accidentally inhaled iodine crystals (used in methamphetamine production) while searching a car.”

The dog’s name is Eiko and yes you may pet him, but only if my husband is holding him. The dog and I usually have a “love / I like to pretend you’re not there” relationship. I’m very thankful that he is their to help protect Lovebug but on the flip side, he poos a lot. And they are really big poos. And Lovebug sometimes forgets to scoop them up out of the backyard.

So there you have it, that is it pretty much the gist of it. Lovebug has precisely 43,576 (and still counting) stories over his years in law enforcement, varying from writing Darius Rucker a speeding ticket to seizing 176 marijuana plants from a single wide trailer. His stories are always different, random and interesting. Needless to say, there is never a dull moment here.


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