What a Day, What a Week

My husband always seems to find the perfect time to leave and go out of town for work…for a whole week.  We had to wait a whole month for Evan’s ear wax removal procedure at MUSC and it just so happened to fall on the day Lovebug was going to be out of town. I’m beginning to think he does this on purpose to me.

Evan’s appointment was this past Tuesday and since my dearly beloved husband was in Florence performing drug interdiction stops on the interstate, my wonderful mother and mother-in-law accompanied Evan and I at the hospital.

Let me first say that the nurses at MUSC were beyond helpful, caring and sympathetic. The sympathy was for me. I will confess now that I cried the whole time. All I can say is I thank God I had backup because I was a complete nervous wreck.

Here is my baby on the hospital bed. It was a challenge keeping him content. It may be hard to tell but he was a little fussy. The fussiness began when he woke up that morning and was denied his milk and anything to eat (no food or milk before surgery, doctor’s orders).

Next, they gave Evan some medicine in a drink to make him relaxed. Also, we had to give him a quick breathing treatment because he was a little asthmatic. Note the blue mark reminding the doc which ear needed to be worked on.

Evan trying to fight the sleepy medicine.

Once they took my baby away from me back into surgery, my mom made the nurses give me some loopy medicine.

Evan did really well. It was literally a five-minute procedure but seemed like a lifetime to me. The doctor informed us that he removed a large amount of wax and this is something we will have to monitor with Evan. He said many times it only happens once with babies, but knowing waxy boy Evan, I have a feeling we have more to come.


2 thoughts on “What a Day, What a Week

  1. Glad everything went well. You’re right the nurses at MUSC are great. Ashley has to go there a lot. Hopefully that will be the only time Evan needs to go there.

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