Life, Life and More Life

More busy times for us at the Knight house.

To start with, Evan had an appointment with the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor last Friday. I’ve been dreading this appointment because Evan does not like his ears messed with. You can kiss them yes, but do not put things inside of them. He is at the point now where he can spot a doctor in a crowd. He does not like doctors.

The not so surprising news is that Evan’s ears are still impacted with wax. The doctor was able to remove the wax out of one ear but not the other. I did take a picture of the wax that he pulled out but Lovebug decided it might be too disturbing to post. But if you are anything like me and would like to see my child’s ear wax, just let me know. I’m sure we can arrange something.

In reference to the other ear, my baby Evan will have to be sedated in order for the doctor to remove the wax build-up. His procedure is scheduled for March. Doc says it’s common and not a big deal, but it is to me.

In other news, my sweet baby brother Seth, turned 6. I keep telling him that he is not allowed to be 6 years old and that he needs to let me hold him like a baby. He then quickly decides he doesn’t like this idea and runs from me.

I do have some ground breaking news to tell…

Evan is walking! It’s a miracle. I thought this kid would never walk. He is so funny walking that I get a chuckle every time he takes off.  He still falls down a lot but he gets right back up and keeps on keeping on.

We walk down the hall.

We walk and give funny looks.

Then we go upstairs to his room and DANCE!

The Macarena is our favorite!


3 thoughts on “Life, Life and More Life

  1. Evan is TOO cute! But he beat Jason, Jason didn’t walk until he was 16 months. I thought he’d never walk. And don’t worry too much about the ear procedure. Jason had to have tubes put in his ears twice and did beautifully. Who is your doc?

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