Valentine’s 2011

These were a few of Chunk’s Valentine’s Day photos that my BFF took. All I can say is that she is absolutely the best. I came across an incredible deal at Walgreen’s and was able to order a few photo cards. My total bill was only $4.51. I wasn’t quite sure how they were going to turn out considering the bargain price I paid for them. I ordered 15 photo cards which came to $2.00 and the other $2.51 was for tax and shipping. So, for under $5.00 I got 15 4 x 6 cards which I am pleasantly happy with.

(Picture was taken with my camera phone. The photo card was not blurry/fuzzy at all.)

I like it a lot because it was simple and reasonable. This all started when I got an email from Walgreen’s about a week before Valentine’s Day offering 40% off photo prints. If you know me you know how much I love getting deals, so I had no choice but to order something. Nothing shows greater love than a photo of Evan. Well, that’s what I believe anyway.

Hope everyone had a happy Valentine’s Day!


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