14 Months

On the 8th day of February my baby turned 14 months.

Just look at those lips. Don’t you want to just kiss them? I do about a gazillion times a day!

This little boy is really getting a personality of his own. I’m discovering the little person he is turning into is oddly familiar to someone I know. Really well. And it’s not me. He has Lovebug’s sense of humor and will laugh at practically anything. Anytime we go out to eat, he will stare and check people out. I find myself telling him to stop staring, but then realize he has no clue about what I’m saying.  Also, when playing with any toy that makes a sound or loud noise, he will push the same button over and over again, long enough to make me want to scream and if we’re in the car, almost cause me to wreck. Again, this is oddly familiar because Lovebug does the same thing with any toy, gizmo or gadget.  

On very rare occasions I see me. He loves candy like I do and will choose dessert over dinner anytime. He can’t pass by a mirror without checking himself out. We just cant help but stop and make a funny face or a smirky grin. It gets us every time.

Let me show you these lips again.

Evan can be the most lovable thing ever. He will drench your face with juicy saliva from all the open mouth kisses. He loves giving hugs and will even pat you on the back while hugging. On other days, he reminds us that he is a big boy now and thinks he doesn’t need a nap, or an 8 pm bed time. He knows the rocking chair means bed time and will squirm down and crawl the other way. 

Speaking of crawling, this little booger still isn’t walking. Although he has surprised us over the past week and has become quite braver. His balance just still is not there. I think it’s his rather large head and upper body that throws him off.  I keep saying any day now he will walk, but have come to realize that I’ve been saying that since he was about 10 months old. 

Every parent will tell you that their baby is advanced, even when maybe they’re really not. We are no different. Evan got “Baby Can Read”  for Christmas and he really is catching on to the words. In no time he was reading. Okay, maybe that last sentence was not entirely true. He’s not actually reading but has learned some new tricks. His favorites are “arms up”, “clap”, and “ear”.  Other moms have asked me about “Baby Can Read” and I can tell you that Evan has learned almost all the words in volume 1.  He is not necessarily reading but if you show him the picture on the flash card he can express what it means.

Evan amazes us everyday and we graciously thank the Lord for blessing us with a son that we do not deserve.

Look at the drumsticks on this boy! Oh how I love him so.


3 thoughts on “14 Months

  1. His NaNa can not agree with you more on all accounts. He is delightful and continues to amaze us all. what a wonderful blessing he is, but then he has a great mom and dad.

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