Big Boy Haircut

My baby got a big boy haircut right before we got the flu and I’ve been meaning to share the pictures.

In case you don’t speak Evan, I will translate for you.

“Mom, what is Aunt Val doing to me?’ 

“Oh, I’m still a little unsure about this so I will pretend to smile.”

“What are you doing with my hair.”

“Ahhh…I love all this attention!”

Ok, it’s me talking again. I’m done translating, for now. Let me remind you that I just don’t like my baby growing up so fast. He got his big boy haircut and his attitude has seriously changed! After I got him out of the bath tub and partially clothed this is what he decided to do. 

Evan translation: “Take this baby sign down, NOW”

Once the little booger went to bed, I placed his baby sign back where it belonged. And where it will forever stay!


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