Card Making 101

It’s the simple things in life that complete me and make me happy. 

One of these simple things being a new Cricut cartridge. Ahhhh….Cricut. How I love you so much. I ordered the cartridge “Wild Card”, which makes cards! Practically, any card for any occasion.

I chose this cartridge specifically because I never have a card with any gifts I give.  It’s horrible. It’s slack. It’s pathetic. And I really don’t know why I always forget to get one.

So I decided that it’s a new year and a new beginning for me and cards!  

The Wild Card cartridge has so many options and possibilities that I didn’t know where to begin.  After a long decision-making process I chose to start with a simple heart design card since Valentine’s is just around the corner.

I first made the envelope with a white liner to go inside.

Then a label for the front.

Next was the card, a frame, and a phrase.

After that, you just glue them and write a little love note inside.

My love note was not to my husband. He just doesn’t share the same passion for Cricuting as I do. Maybe if he would have shown a little more excitement when I showed it to him, just maybe, he would’ve gotten one.

I think these cards will make cute cards for all of Evan’s valentines. Instead of using the “Hugs and Kisses” phrase, I will switch to the “Be My Valentine” phrase.  

I’m warning all of Evan’s valentine recipients now…you better get really excited upon receiving this card. If not, I’ll poke your eyes out. And you better not have Lovebug’s same reaction…”huh, ok, that’s nice”.


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