I’m Alive…Just Barely

My poor, innocent, helpless, little baby got the flu! And then I got it.

I’ve never had the flu before, but from this experience, I now understand why flu shots are being offered practically everywhere.

I do not like the flu. I felt so helpless and weak. I still feel helpless and weak. I do not like the flu.

Evan and I have pretty much locked ourselves inside and have done the following from sunrise to sunset:

1. Wake up

2. Take medicine and then go back to bed

3. Wake up

4. Eat lunch

5. Go back to bed

6. Wake up

7. Eat dinner and take more medicine

8. Go back to bed

This is pretty much the excitement we’ve had for the past 5 days. Its been REAL FUN.

I passed on the flu shot for Evan because it contains egg. If I wanted him to have it, I would have had to take him to the allergy doctor so he could give it to him and then monitor him.  

These were the thoughts racing in my head when I made the two second decision not to give Evan the flu shot:

 “I’ve never had the flu”

 “Evan is not in daycare”

“I really don’t feel like driving across town to see the Allergist”

 “We aren’t sick people” 

“Evan will be fine, he doesn’t need the flu shot”

Well, there you have it, my deep thought process.

So my mind has been spinning. racing. burning the midnight oil trying to figure out how in the world  WE HAVE THE FLU. 

I’ve narrowed down the culprit to one individual. I won’t throw him under the bus or anything, but he is 57 years old, lives on a farm, and drives a green tractor. Thanks for sharing your cooties with us Papa!


One thought on “I’m Alive…Just Barely

  1. ME TOO! what the heck, right? i got it on christmas eve and was miserable for the following seven days! i hope you guys start feeling like yourselves again soon! ever said to tell evan she loves him.

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