Christmas is…

almost here and I am NOT ready!

I really do not know what my problem is but I can’t seem to get motivated or get in the Christmas spirit. I know I probably sound like a Grinch, but I’m usually not like this. I’ve always been the type that puts their tree up the day after Thanksgiving. And now, well, we still don’t have ours up. It is very embarrassing writing that. And please don’t tell Evan!

I have been busy though. Here is what has been occupying me.

He does.

Also, on his head is a hat that I crocheted. I’ve been on a roll making these hats. Actually, you can now refer to me as Butter because I’m on a roll Baby!

Every time I make Evan one, I have to make a matching one for me. I just think we are the cutest thing together in our matching hats.

There is a downfall though. I am supposed to be making these as gifts and needless to say, every hat I make I end up wearing. Please do not be weirded out if I give you one of these hats for Christmas and it smells like Tresemme shampoo and conditioner. Thank you in advance for your understanding with this matter.


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