First Giveaway Results

The results are in! I will first say that we were somewhat surprised at Evan’s weight when we put him on the scale at the doctor’s office. Of course he was still way off the chart for his weight, height and head size. We just thought he weighed a little more. He is 33 inches tall, head size is 20 inches, and he weighs……..29 pounds 12 ounces. The winner is Mrs. Cindy Spurgeon. Yay to Mrs. Cindy! She is the only one who didn’t go over with her guess.

Evan’s weight gain has really slowed down. Several months ago Evan’s pediatrician told us he thought it would, mainly due to him being more active. I think it has been a combination of his NON- STOP movement, teething, etc. Plus he did a major poo right before he got on the scale, so that definitely set him back a couple of ounces.

Overall, Evan’s health is great. I have been a little concerned about Evan’s size for a while. To be honest, I thought he might have some form of gigantism. Thankfully, the doctor eased my concerns and reassured me that Evan most likely didn’t. I do have valid reasons for my concerns. Lovebug weighed 31 lbs but was only 30 inches in length at one year of age. He was shorter and “healthier”. Evan is 3 inches taller! He has grown over a foot since birth. His length at birth was 21 1/4 inches.

A huge thanks to everyone who played along. We will definitely have another giveaway soon!


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