First Birthday, First Giveaway

My baby is ONE! Well, officially he will be on the 8th.

Evan’s FIRST birthday party was this past Saturday and just let me say that I am glad it’s done and over with.  I think it was a hit, and I was filled with joy, but I just have the tendency to stress out way too much sometimes. I just get too overwhelmed, even when it came to choosing balloon colors. Needless to say, I gave up on the balloons and there were none at the party. Enough about my OCD and anxiety, on to Evan’s FIRST birthday!

 The first stage of the birthday planning process started with creating these adorable invitations. Please excuse the somewhat distorted picture, as I had to crop out the address and phone number. The next step was making the envelopes for the invites. This is where my Cricut machine makes his first appearance in the birthday planning process. Let me just say how much I love my Cricut! He is just so talented and can do many amazing things. I really don’t know how I survived without him!

One of my Cricut cartridges makes this cute envelope and it closes in the back with a ribbon.

Next step on my agenda was ordering Evan’s birthday shirt. I ordered his shirt from Etsy and I absolutely love it! The shirt is very soft, comfy and is true to size. His is 24 months and it fits him perfectly.At this point, I still had a lot of Cricuting to do. Next step was making the birthday banners. This picture is before I finished gluing and connecting the pieces together. The last banner actually said “Evan is One”

I made these “one” signs and used them as the table centerpieces. I placed them in Mason jars filled with big gum balls.

The day of his party Evan woke up with a 102 degree temperature. Teething baby +  fever = one cranky baby and one frantic mom.  Fortunately, Evan’s temperature subsided but it was obvious he still wasnt feeling well.

Evan absolutely insisted that there must be a hay ride. He is in LOVE with his PaPa’s tractor and wanted to take everyone on a spin around the farm.

Silly Uncle Seth.

Some of Evan’s first guests arriving.

My BFF let us borrow her jump castle which I am so thankful for because it was definitely a huge hit with the kids.

The party favors. It may be hard to tell, but they are chocolate “ones”.

Evan was spoiled with so many gifts. There were a couple of gifts, unfortunately, that we were unsure who they were from. So let me say to them now, whomever they may be, THANK YOU! Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who helped with this special day!

Now on to the giveaway. I’m excited to announce my first giveaway. Before you get too excited and lose focus on what you’re doing, let me tell you what the gift is. Drum roll…a little more drums….a little louder….ok, that will be enough. It will be one of my handmade scarves. I know you’re just thrilled.

No worries if you do not like these colors. I have made others. Please enlighten me and play along. Don’t be shy, JULIA! Yes, I’m talking about you Julia, the only Julia I know. Even if you don’t like it, you can always re-gift it. I know I do have some male followers, so Rob you can always give it to your lovely wife if you win. I think I’m having too much fun louding people out. I will quit now. Hopefully you get the point and will play along, it will be fun. Also, you don’t have to live in Charleston, I can mail it. Family members may play along too. Don’t worry, none of them have a scale that can measure down to ounces.

The rules are as follows:  The closest one to guess Evan’s weight at his 12 month appointment WITHOUT GOING OVER wins. It’s that simple.

To help y’all out, I will list all of Evan’s weights from his well baby check-ups.

Birth: 10 lbs 1 oz

One month: 11 lbs 15 oz

Second month: 17 lbs 4 oz

Third month: 19 lbs 14 0z

Fourth month: 21 lbs

Fifth month: 22 lbs 2 oz

Six month: 23 lbs 10 oz

Seventh month: 26 lbs 4 oz

Ninth month: 27 lbs 14 oz

One year: Your guess is as good as mine!

Please leave your guesses through the comment section. The deadline is this Sunday.


8 thoughts on “First Birthday, First Giveaway

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EVAN!! Yay!! You are finally ONE! Your party was wonderful and your mama did such a good job with everything – even if she didn’t go with balloons! 🙂

    I think you weight precisely 32 pounds, 6 ounces. I better be right!

    Love you!


  2. Wow! I’m so impressed with your party planning! Everything looks like it was awesome. I’m sure Evan will remember it for the rest of his life! 🙂

    My guess is… $1? No just kidding. ummm…. 31 lbs 3 oz.

    Happy Birthday Evan!

  3. Happy Birthday my sweet boy!! You are great and let us remember that you are going to be a really BIG man when you finish growing. We love you so much. I will make my guess to be about 32lbs and 8 ozs.

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