Black Friday Chopping

Typically the majority of the civilized population on this planet we call Earth, spend this glorious day of good deals shopping until they cannot shop anymore. Well, we were not in that majority this Black Friday.

We traded crowded shopping malls and grown adults fighting with each other over a toy for their kids, and headed over to Lovebug’s parent’s house to take part in a grand event. This spectacle being the “chopping down of the Christmas tree”. I was perfectly fine passing up the opportunity to find good deals in order to witness this event.

My father-in-law got the idea for this years Christmas tree to be part of the Leyland Cypress in their front yard. I say part of, because the entire tree stood about 30 feet tall, and there was no way the whole tree was going to fit in their home. If my wonderful father-in-law, a.k.a. Clark W. Griswold, could have made the whole thing fit, he would have. Trust me. Cue National Lampoons Christmas Vacation please. 

Here is a picture I Googled of a Leyland Cypress. These trees can grow to be very tall. Thank you Ranger Jane for the showing us just how tall they can grow.

My father-in-law started whacking on his tree before I could get a picture. This is what his tree looked like when we pulled up. It originally looked like the one in the picture above.


I have no clue how this baby keeps finding his way in these photos. Also pictured is Clark’s son, Russ, holding the tree up, as well as Evan’s great-aunt Val.

Clark and Russ Griswold trying to fix the tree stand.

Trying to get it through the front door.

It’s beginning to look like a Christmas tree.

All done! There it is. All 13.5 feet of tree.

It is quite apparent that this family has watched Christmas Vacation way too many times. I can report however that no squirrels flew out of the tree.


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