Thanksgiving Day

Ahhh…Thanksgiving. It was so delicious and wonderful!

Our first stop was Lovebug’s family where we enjoyed a big feast and a hay ride.

A certain someone loves to drive the tractor!

Tell the cows to moooove over! Sorry, but I couldn’t resist that cheesy statement.

After Evan finished taking on us on a hay ride, it was time for us to go. We then headed over to Moncks Corner to visit with my family for our second turkey meal of the day. We are extremely blessed in that we have the opportunity to spend time with both sides of our family for every holiday.

Table centerpiece handmade by my brother, Seth. The turkey’s feathers are Seth’s hands. Remember making things like this in elementary school? Oh, to be five again!

While at my parent’s home, Evan began having a melt down, which is always fun dealing with. Evan was overdue for a nap and basically stayed connected to my hip the whole time. We played some games after our meal, and spent the rest of the time relaxing our bellies. Needless to say, our Thanksgiving day was filled with lots of food, lots of laughter, and lots of great memories. Oh, how I love this day.


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