I’m Thankful

There are so many things that I am thankful for. I think we all take our blessings for granted and fail to realize them.  Sometimes we can’t see the forest through the trees because we are so stuck on the “bad things”.  I just realized that I shouldn’t try to qoute idioms because half the time I don’t understand them or I use them improperly. So forgive me if I just used that one improperly.  Most likely, I did. Hopefully you get my drift.

I really feel the need to post this mainly because I am tired of watching the depressing news on the television and listening to it on the radio. Also, it just seems like I’ve been around a whole bunch of “Debbie Downers” recently. Plus, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and what more of a perfect time to say “I’m thankful”.

I’m thankful for:

My salvation

My husband

My son

My family

My friends

Our health

Our wealth

Our jobs

This country

Believe you me, I have many, many, many things that I can and probably do complain about. But really, what good does it do? It will only cause my anxiety to increase, therefore causing me to bite off all my fingernails, therefore causing me to be irritable, therefore causing Lovebug to give me strange looks, and therefore causing me to get a huge ulcer that I might just die from. All my worrying only adds fuel to the fire. Or does it add insult to injury?

Just remember, every cloud has a silver lining.  In case you need me google to translate “Be optimistic, even difficult times will lead to better days.”  No more Debbie Downers! Be thankful!


One thought on “I’m Thankful

  1. Mm-hmm… I didn’t see my name specifically.

    P.S. – You are thankful for BALLOONS!!

    P.S.S. – You will be eighty and I will still be asking you about whether you’ve thought about them.

    P.S.S.S. – Be prepared.

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