One More Knight

I was just thrilled to announce that title, and no, I’m not pregnant.

Although, one more Knight will be joining us who has four legs, an extremely hairy body, and a wild tail. Specifically, a drug sniffing, watch out or I’ll attack you, K-9 police dog.  World meet Banan! Yes, his name is Banan.  That is pronounced like “banana” but without the last “a”. As evident by his name, we did not name him. Banan is a 2-year-old sheppard.  He made his voyage all the way from the Czech Republic. He came with a passport and all!

So, Lovebug and I have a disagreement about Mr. Banan. You see, Lovebug wants to change his name. For some odd reason he doesn’t think Banan sounds ferocious enough. Well, you know what I think…I think you can’t change a dog’s name when he is already two years old. So if you agree with me, please chime in and root for Banan. Banan, Banan, Banan!

Look at Banan! He is trying to lift his paw up and root for himself. Banan, Banan, Banan!

Since we are getting a new dog, that means we must retire Kimbor. Kimbor is going on 9 years old and that is pretty old for a police dog. Kimbor’s has slown down dramatically over the past year and it is definitely time for him to retire. He fought a good fight.

Here is one of Kimbor’s first drug findings.

Barbie is going to miss Kimbor..NOT! You see, Barbie always knew deep down that he was supposed to be a police dog. This is where I keep finding Barbie. He apparently thinks he is taking over Kimbor’s spot.


3 thoughts on “One More Knight

  1. I’m sorry Jennifer but I have to agree with Tim. I don’t want my dog named something I can hardly pronounce. But what is going to happen to Kimbor when he retires?

  2. So sweet! Sad that you have to retire Kimbor. He is beautiful. Where will he go?? And I have to admit, we got Nacho when he was almost two and we changed his name (it was Tiger before… Nacho is much more fitting 🙂 )

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