10 Months Seems Like Yesterday

Hence the name of the title, my baby is ten months old!

Another month has come and gone way too fast for me. My little Evan is continuing to crawl and climb everywhere. He is undoubtedly way too fearless. He has already fallen off the bed ( on daddy’s watch) and fallen down the stairs (on my watch). And just to make myself feel less guilty, it was only 5 stairs and they were carpeted.  I can’t believe I’m sharing this info, but all little ones will have their share of accidents. Especially when they are in the exploring stage. That’s how they learn, right? Please help me feel less guilty, and tell me your child has fallen off the bed and/or down the stairs. Like I said earlier, he is just way too fast, and fearless.  He was completely fine in both incidents. No bruises and just a little wail.

Evan truly is one of the sweetest little boys ever. He will give you kisses on demand, open-mouthed and wet, of course. His new thing is giving raspberries, and he does them surprisingly quite well. Loud and long.  He loves to wave bye-bye and clap his hands. He has a total of four teeth and I just saw where more bottom teeth are starting to poke through. This brings me to write a letter.

Dear Evan,

I, your loving mother, had horribly messed up teeth and your daddy had braces too. We have pledged to give you braces as soon as there is one crooked tooth in that mouth of yours. I will not look at you in your face and pretend nothing is wrong with your smile and tell you that your smile is absolutely beautiful. A certain grandmother of yours told me this lie and I still have horrible nightmares of my pre-braces stage. All I can say is that I thank the good Lord for whoever invented braces.

I’m quite sure you will probably need them considering you have mine and your father’s genes. Rest assure, I will be on top of this challenge.



P.S. I will have 10 month photos posted soon.


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