N.C Trip Part 1

We made it home safely!

Let me first say that we had a wonderful time in North Carolina.  My grandparents live near Chimney Rock so we stayed and visited with them.  I love going to their house. Look at the entrance to their neighborhood.

That’s me. Luckily, we found the house labeled “Shirar”.

We woke up Saturday morning and headed to Chimney Rock Park. On our way there, Lovebug and I were discussing that we were here exactly ten years ago hiking the rock with my family. WOW, it’s amazing how time flies! I know you are wondering what I decided to wear. And, here you go! My Timberlands and all their glory…the Bear Grylls look as I like to call it.  Lovebug decided to go for the athletic look. 

As we were getting out our vehicle I was looking at what other people were wearing.  I wanted to see how my outfit compared to theirs.  Well, apparently I forgot some vital information about Chimney Rock. The vital information being you can take an elevator to the top.  No wonder why the majority of people were wearing sandals, dress pants, jeans etc. and looking all cute.

Lovebug and I came prepared with our packed lunches and Camelbak, so this couple wasn’t taking no elevator to the top. I have you know we climbed the stairs. There really is no hiking to the rock, you basically climb stairs for 30 minutes. And whoa, what a climb! This is the gorgeous view I saw the whole way up there.

Whewwww…so we finally made it to the top.

While up there, I had fun taking pictures of the “cheaters”, the ones who took the elevator. Look at this guy in his dress pants. He was saying “Oh honey, take my picture. I took the elevator all the way up.”

And this lady.

This gentleman would like you to think he climbed the stairs, but he didn’t. Although, I do give him credit for his attire. I left the best part out….he was wearing socks and sandals.

Stay tuned for Part 2. It will be our hike to Hickory Nut Falls and our horseback riding adventure.


2 thoughts on “N.C Trip Part 1

  1. I needed this post! I can’t stop laughing about the poor man with the cane – CHEATER! Love your hiking look and those darn Timbalands. I really think you should have rolled up your cargo pants, however, and put black stripes under your eyes. Next time!!

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