Here We Come N.C.

Just like the title mentions…we are headed to North Carolina! Lovebug’s birthday is the 28th and I’m taking him to Chimney Rock, N.C.  He got so excited when I told him we are climbing Chimney Rock.  So excited, that I got “The Look”.  “The Look” being “why do I have to pay $20.00 to climb a mountain.”  Yeah, that look.  I convinced him to go by telling him there would be a big cookie cake waiting at the top of the mountain for him.

I’m a little confused as what to wear climbing.  I’m not sure what look I should go for.

The athletic look: wearing sneakers, running shorts, and a tank. My husband and I would probably look something like these people.  This is my friend Amber and her husband. I’m sure she is going to love me for reposting this…thats what friends are for, right? Just imagine a mountain in the background instead of a living room.


The Bear Gyrlls look: wearing my Timberlands from the 8th grade. Let me clarify that these Timberlands were so the style in 8th grade. I only wore them a couple of times in the 8th grade because the style quickly faded.  I think its time to bring them back! I knew I saved them for a reason. If I go for this look, I’m going to need to wear some cargo pants and a plain shirt.  I think I might have to step this style up and add a weapon to my attire. Bear always has a knife around his ankle.  I think Lovebug has one of those I can borrow.  We will be in the mountains and you never know what is lurking around ready to pounce on you.

Here is a picture of my Timberlands.

Admit it, you had a pair.

Admit it, you still have yours too.

Lovebug has to work tonight. So while he is gone, I’m going to see what else of his I can find to add to my mountain wardrobe.  Who knows, I might show up in a full S.W.A.T outfit.


2 thoughts on “Here We Come N.C.

  1. I had that exact same pair and I still have them. And I didn’t wear them for very long either b/c by the time I was cool enough to buy them they were already on their way out of style. I tried to wear them to go hiking a couple times in college and got severely made fun of.

  2. All I can say is I remember borrowing those things from you on several occasions. We were so lame!

    I think you need to wear the Timberlands and Tim’s track shorts to go hiking.

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