A Walk Around the Block

Here I am. 

Sorry for the delay in posts but we have been really busy, plus we had some technical difficulties with the computer. Our power cord took a dump so we finally went today and purchased a new one.  Boy, oh boy, was I sticker shocked. Who knew that a power cord could be so expensive…. the cheapest one was $60. Of course, that is the one I purchased.

I was so excited this morning when I woke up, the reason being because I didn’t have to report to work. I will be cutting back my hours in order to spend more time with Evan, and my husband.  I thought my morning was going to be nice and relaxing…oh how I was wrong.  My little Barbie somehow escaped out of the backyard. (I’m going to have to start calling him Houdini).  He did get neutered last Wednesday and apparently it hasn’t made a difference. Any who, once I noticed Barbie was missing I picked Evan up and we headed out the door on a search to track him down. I was tempted to use Lovebug’s police dog, Kimbor, but I’m sure Kimbor would have led me in the opposite direction. You see, they don’t quite get along. We easily found Barbie as he was only about 5 houses down chasing butterflies! 

Once we found Barbie, I decided to continue to walk around the block. Once around is a mile and that is pretty much all I can handle.  Here is a picture of us when we arrived back.

As you can see, I purposely chopped out my head.  Make-up less + tan less = one scary Jennifer.

Did you see Little Barbie in the above picture? I know you were distracted by my cute baby and my chicken legs. If not, here’s a closer look.

Once we found Barbie, I stuck him in the bottom carrier. He rode there the whole time. I’m not quite sure why his tongue is hanging out and acting like he walked the whole mile…trust me, he didn’t.

Those green shorts that I’m wearing are Lovebug’s highschool track shorts. I LOVE wearing them. I made Lovebug try them on and I of course took a picture. Unfortunately, I cannot post it because it could be considered a little x rated. My husband weighs approximately 100 lbs more now then he did as a sophomore in highschool. You get the picture!

On a sidenote: Never eat dinner while watching Animal Hoarders. Better yet, any Hoarder episodes. Have any of y’all watched that show?  For me, watching the show is like watching a bad car wreck. You don’t want to look, but somehow you just cannot help it. It gets me every time!


One thought on “A Walk Around the Block

  1. Okay, I am cracking up thinking about Tim in those shorts! That is some great blackmail!

    I miss you! You forgot to mention that you are cutting back at work so you can be my partner. 🙂 I told Josh this and he didn’t get it.

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