It’s Official

Yep, it sure is!

Evan said his first word. Do you think it was Mama or Dada? No way, not my child. His first word was…UH-OH! He is so cute when he says it and since Friday he has been saying it nonstop. I’m not sure, but is this the age where they start saying their first words?

Let me take a brief moment and tell you about my child’s sleeping habits, or should I say, lack there of. Evan absolutely refuses to sleep. When we lay him down at night in his crib, he throws a tantrum (this is after we sing every song we know to him). I, Jennifer, normally give in and lay him in our bed so we can cuddle. He usually will go to sleep within 15 minutes of doing this. Once sound asleep, I pick him up and lay him back in his crib. No big deal, right? Let me explain my reasoning. Lovebug works nights, so many times, it’s just Evan and I. It is really hard, for me that is, to just leave him in there. That would just be cruel, right?

I write this beforehand to mention that Lovebug was off this weekend and insisted that this must come to an end. It all began Saturday night. After singing all our songs and saying our prayers, we laid Evan in his crib. Immediately he turns over and stands up in his crib, just like he normally does. He begins his oh so pitiful cry. After Evan notices that I’m not coming to his rescue, he begins wailing. This tragic event goes on for 15 minutes. Nonstop.  Of course, it felt like an eternity to me.  Evan did finally fall asleep and you should have seen how he fell asleep. He was sitting “Indian style” and leaning over toward the crib rails with his head resting on the bumper pad. It was so sad…he probably got tired of standing so he just sat his tush down. I know he was looking for me to come to his rescue.

I forgot to mention that this was only Round 1. Evan wakes up around 2:00 am for a snack every night, then again around 6:30 am. My little buddy. I love him so much.


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