Full Speed Ahead!

This just cracks me up!

Meet Evan’s new pajamas, size 2T. I found them in the clearance section at Kohl’s for $5, so I couldn’t resist. Size 2T pajamas are nothing new for us. I’ve only been buying 2 piece sets for a while now, so this just cracks me up at how long they are.  They have little grips on the bottom of the soles for walking, as if he is actually walking. Let’s now begin the process of getting “Chunks” in them.

Step 1: Bribe him with a toy, preferably a rubber duckie.

Step 2: Try to stop him from escaping.

Step 3: Pose for the camera. Perfect fit!

Step 4: Full speed ahead!

This little boy is crawling everywhere. No more tactical crawling (as his daddy would say) for him, he is up on all fours!


2 thoughts on “Full Speed Ahead!

  1. He is just too adorable! But I’m still having a hard time figureing out who he looks like more; so I guess he’s a perfect combination of both his mom and dad.

    • Do you really see me? We use to joke that I was just a surrogate because Evan looks so much like his daddy. Thanks for commenting! I forgot to tell you on Sunday that Jason used the potty…he is doing so well in class!

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