Beautiful Memories

The following took place on September 4, 2010 at 10:30 am:

My phone conversation with my mother-in-law, aka Nana, right after I changed the worst diaper of my life.

Me: “Hey, umm, did you give Evan corn yesterday?” (gasping for air)

Nana: “Yeah, I sure did. Actually, two days ago.”

Me: “It’s all up his back! Apparently he didn’t chew it because I see whole kernels.” (still gasping for air and dry heaving)

Nana: “Hehehe! He liked it so much I kept giving him more. I also gave him lima beans and okra.”

Me: “I don’t see them but the corn still looks fresh!”

Nana: “Oh, we’re at the beach and it’s so nice.”

Me thinking to myself: Nice way to change the subject Nana.

Nana, thank you for this beautiful memory I have that will forever be embedded in my head.

The past two days of changing Evan’s diapers have been challenging, let me tell you. Yesterday, his poo SOMEHOW rolled out of his diaper and fell between the changing table and wall. As it slowly fell down, it smeared all over the wall. I slowly picked Evan up, set him in his crib, and began to cry. As I was mourning, Evan begins laughing….he is just like his Father.

Oh sweet memories! Hope y’all have a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend!


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Memories

  1. This was so hilarious that I had to read it out loud to Jason. He laughed hysterically at the thought of poop rolling down the wall behind the changing table. I told him that if that ever happens to me I will leave it there for him to clean up.

    • Lovebug would have cleaned it up if he was home. Unfortunately for me, he was working that night. I feel that I’m being tortured by Evan’s poo! Let me know how the cloth diapers go. I’m thinking about trying them since I’m going to be home more with Evan.

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