Grow Garden, Grow!

I’m extremely excited about our new family garden. My in-laws live on a farm, so there was plenty enough space for a BIG one! I’ll post more pictures later, but here’s a glimpse of our first veggie. My father-in-law planted so many plants that I have no clue what this is.

The other exciting news on the farm is….we had a baby!

He is too cute. As I got closer to take a picture this is what he did.

This little guy was just born on Saturday and look at him go!

He ran to his mommy! How sweet.

Evan’s papa was on the tractor and Evan insisted on going for a ride.

Papa makes me laugh! If anyone is wondering how to obtain the typical “redneck” / “farmer’s” suntan, please refer to the picture above of Papa Knight  and the following guidelines listed below.

#1. Find a white T-shirt and say that the sleeves accidentally got ripped off.

#2. Any pair of shorts will do. Typically, the shorter the better.

#3. Find a white pair of tube socks and scrunch them up.

#4 Work in the field from sunrise to sunset.

Evan loves his Papa Knight and so do we! We can’t wait for when Evan can run around and help Papa on the farm!


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